Many yeaars ago Nintendo 64 gamers were treated to one last great collectathon 3D Platformer, Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Unlike games like Super Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie, this was a bit different. It was a completely twisted take on the video game mascot platform genre with Conker.

The game was initially going to be another cute platformer but the gaming community harshly criticized early previews. So RARE went back to the drawing board and created this masterpiece which has graphic violence, alcohol use, profanity, a lot of vulgarity.

The game was later ported to the Xbox Classic, and that version was brought to the Rare Collection for Xbox One.

However, as far as Conker sequels go, we really didn’t get any. Sure he made an appearance in Project Spark for Xbox One, but I think that hardly qualifies as what we were looking for. Just like Conker did in this scene, I see dollar signs


The Timing for Conker


The timing just might be right too. This year alone we were treated to Super Mario Odyssey, A Hat in Time, and Yooka-Laylee. The collectathon platformer has essentially made a comeback with titles such as those. Not to mention the fact that Crash Bandicoot’s original trilogy had an excellent remake on the Playstation 4 too. This has been a great year for platformers. Why not spice it up with our unsung hero, Conker the Squirrel?

It does not necessarily need to be Rare who develops the game either. Killer Instinct was brought over to a new developer. The new game was quite fantastic as far as I am concerned. Maybe it is time to hand the reigns of Conker over to someone new. Somebody that has a new and possibly even more twisted vision for this much overlooked character.

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