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Statue of Liberty: Can You Headbutt it? Getting the Answers

Recently, in my first edition of the second run of the Would You Like Fries With That? Blog, I wanted to quote this line: “If we want to headbutt the statue of liberty, there’s nobody other than security and heavy medication that can stop you.”

Then I thought about it. I don’t want to spout ignorant advice without trying to get the facts first. First, I tweeted the Statue of Liberty’s Twitter. I mean, if this form of communication works for high ranking government officials (not mentioning any names), maybe it’ll work for me.

I didn’t get an answer….or any retweets…or any kind of response. All I got was crickets.

It is ok, because then I went to their website to look for an email. But their email link isn’t working. What’s up with that?

So then I checked the FAQ page.

Some Statue of Liberty Facts, at Least

If I wanted to give the headbutt of liberty to the Statue of Liberty, I would need to get to the head. So here is some information on how to get to the crown…

“Those wishing to visit the Crown must be able to walk stairs, including a narrow spiral staircase inside the Statue’s body. Crown tickets are available ONLY by advanced reservation.”

Oh….okay! So walk the stairs? I get you! But how tall is it?

“The Statue is 305 feet, 1 inch (about 93m) from the ground to the tip of the flame. It is the equivalent height of a 22-story building and was the tallest structure in New York in 1886.”

Only 22 flights of stairs? PIECE OF FREAKIN CAKE!

These facts were great and all but none of them answered my question. Can you actually headbutt the Statue of Liberty?

My Next Solution… Ask the Public

So where do I turn to next?

YAHOO! ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, I asked Yahoo! Answers for the answer to the question here: “Is it illegal to headbutt the Statue of Liberty or is it just frowned upon?”

Athena Athena: And you still wonder why you spend Friday nights alone in your mother’s basement.”

What a pleasant individual. Are you available for children’s parties?

saucy minx saucy minx: it’s dumb as hell and you’d be the one getting laughed at.

That doesn’t really answer the question though. I didn’t ask “Is it smart and will people respect me for it?” Sheesh… you are a … SAUCY LITTLE MINX.

Johnny Awesome Johnny Awesome: Go for it.

Well, at least I have the support of Johnny Motherfreaking Awesome. An untapped superhero in that name if I must say…

FoofaFoofa: Giiven that only the X-Men have ever even attempted it, it’s probably just frowned upon.
Yeah but the X-Men also have went to the moon and split up a celestial being known as The Phoenix amongst 4 or 5 people, and then proceeded to kill each other off. So I take that with a grain of salt.
Patrick4024Patrick4024: If you want to headbutt a cast iron statue go for it. But, have your insurance paid for a concussion treatment.

This is wise advice. Make sure you headbutt the statue while healthcare is still sort of a thing people!

BenBen Best Answer:  Probably just frowned upon. Although I heard it is actually encouraged to serenade her with a rambunctious rendition of “Sweet Caroline”

I gave Ben the Best Answer. It is just an assumption, but he also mentioned my favorite non-Christmas song recorded by Neil Diamond. I will always look for an excuse to include that in any post Ben.

To the Google Machine

So I Google the phrase “Statue of Liberty Headbutt.” I didn’t get really any answers but I did get this amazing photo of another statue…

It is pretty damn amazing if you ask me. So then I ask the question to Google…

“Can you headbutt the Statue of the Liberty?”

NOTHING! I think this blog post is going to be the only resource for this information and the answer is we have nothing.

To quote my friend Brian, “Statue of Liberty: Liberty to headbutt the s*** like a goddamn goat!”

That was well said my friend.


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