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Spaghetti Hair vs. Sausage Fingers – Getting the Answers

A long time ago on social media I posed a tough question to my small audience. Now I wanted to bring that question to another audience, which is still a small audience at this point. Would you rather have spaghetti hair or sausage link fingers?

I know it is a tough question. I got many frequently asked questions in response about spaghetti hair.

1. Is the spaghetti cooked?

It is only not cooked if you’re an avid listener of Sex Pistols and Iggy Pop. I did find such a picture on Google Images of what that kind of hair would look like… here you go…

Spaghetti Hair

2. Is there sauce in the spaghetti?

I guess that would be how you color your hair… some people like it plain. Some like it with Alfredo. Of course, you could be wild like the kids these days and go mix all the sauces together… you wild person you.


The first time I asked this question I got several comments. Here were the best…

“If we’re going to follow the current regeneration structure of our DNA I think i would rather have spaghetti fair as I could continuously munch on it and it would continue to grow back. My fingers wouldn’t so much.”

“Meh, I don’t eat sausage very much. Now if they were bacon fingers, then I would change my mind.”

I like sausage, but being without fingers for any length of time would be annoying. Plus greasy phone touch screens suck.

Not to mention that having “Me time” would be a little difficult with greasy sausage fingers

All About Spaghetti Hair

This question came back to haunt me in my memories of Timehop app. So I took it to the internet once more. First I Googled Spaghetti Hair…

Did you know there’s actually a song called Spaghetti Hair by an artist named Blanket Jet City? It was released in 1997…


Also, many of the pictures in Google Images of Spaghetti Hair. I found many pictures of the month of May’s #1 Guy…

Spaghetti Hair - Justin Timberlake

I also found this creepy as heck doll…

Spaghetti Hair - Creepy AF

Thank you, that will haunt me for awhile.

It still gets more bizarre as I found an actual stock photograph of an actual model who appears to possibly be actually topless with spaghetti hair. She is also eating her hair in a suggestive manner. What in the blue hell is going on here?

Sexy Spaghetti Hair

This sends a lot of bizarre signals and evokes many emotions in me none of which are “Turned on” or “Hungry.”

What marketing guy is going to be like “Make sure you secure the rights to use the sexy spaghetti hair lady!”

Googling Sausage Fingers aka Fresh Hell

Unfortunately, my Google for Sausage Fingers came up to some very disappointing results. Try it yourself if you’re brave. You will be like “What fresh hell have I awakened on the internet?!” Mostly insulting and mean pictures of people. That may how some people get laughs but around here, I tend to be a bit more silly.

I did find this image that I absolutely loved…

Sausage Fingers

Now that is pretty amazing if you ask me!

There is also some results about a certain politician who may or may not be self-conscious about his or her hands. I will file that under “just saying.”

Taking it To Public Social Media

I did take my question to the public finally. First to Twitter where I put up a poll and got a small response.

The vote was tied 50/50 in percentage. NOOOOOOOO!!!!

I also posted it on the Facebook Page and received a couple of comments from our tens and tens of followers…

“Sausage links for fingers.”

Ummm… thanks!

“Does the spaghetti still grow like normal hair? Because if so I’m on a new diet.”

That’s true! If you’re cutting on carbs. Spaghetti for hair may not be for you!

“I said spaghetti before, but it is cooked spaghetti right? I won’t be walking around like a spaghetti pin head lol”

Hey, Pinhead is the star of a multibillion dollar franchise and beloved movie character.


As you can guess by that subheading, yes, Yahoo! Answers aka The Hounds of Hell, also answered my question.

Let the past make you better not bitter Let the past make you better not bitter was the first who responded. This person said…

Sausage links for fingers

Ummm…. thanks for the elaborate answer individual who has more wisdom in their screen name than possibly their answers!

richard hrichard h then wrote…

cooked spaghetti. who wants fat sausage hands. I can at least put a cap on.

And you would look pretty fly with that cap and spaghetti hair.

conley39 conley39 last wrote…

Spaghetti for hair. Sausage link fingers wouldn’t last long around the cats and dogs.”

Yes, this is very true and practical! YOU WIN BEST ANSWER!!!

Well, that is what has been presented by our readership and the internet in general. If you have an opinion, let us know in the comments!

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