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Don’t Mess With Bubble Wrap & Grande Frappes

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages… proudly brings to you its 4th edition of the 2nd run of Would You Like Fries With That? Today I talk about service station fire tips, bubble wrap, and more.

Thou Shalt Not Mess With Bubble Wrap

I will tell you what a real abomination is. Now some people ship your packages with bubble wrap that doesn’t pop. What is up with that?! What monster came up with the one thing to destroy what unites as a human race? Take away the joy of the little extra fun we get with a package? I will be down in the trenches fighting the good fight though. Popable bubble wrap shall prevail!

In Case of Fire

At a gas station they have signs and stickers to read. Generally, there is one with a whole set of instructions on what to do in case of a fire. To me, it seems like you can replace all 6 bullet points on these signs I see with “RUN YOU FOOL!” in big letters.


Large, Big, Grande

It is a pet peeve of mine when Starbucks or any place like that corrects me on what size I ordered. While I am sure it annoys them that I order a Medium Latte, you are literally the only place that calls it a Grande (which means “big” in Spanish according to Google Translate).

Recently, I bonded with a kid working at my local Gloria Jeans. I couldn’t read the menu sizes because the print on the menu was too small for my vision. He’s like “You need help?”

I said “Well to be frank, do you have dumb cutesy names for your sizes? It is kind of a pet peeve when I get corrected.”

We both started laughing. For the record, a large at Gloria Jeans really is a large. Thank you Gloria Jeans for not unnecessarily complicating things.


I Wanna Be… Sledgehammer

So I’m in the mood for the tune Sledgehammer. Sometimes you just wanna be a sledgehammer and call out your name. I load up my Spotify app on my phone. Overall, I am pleased with the service but there is a few holes in the library. I found out one of them is SLEDGEHAMMER BY PETER GABRIEL

This was a bummer, but the suggestions get worst. You see, they don’t have the original by Peter Gabriel. They suggest a cover of it by Rihanna which they do have.

I try to stay open minded about music. I like Rock, Pop, and Hard Rock/Metal and I listen to a little bit of everything else here and there when the mood strikes me. It is important to me to fight hard for this because I don’t want to be one of those old lame people yelling at kids to pull up their pants and listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd. I try my best at almost 34 years old to not fall down that rabbit hole.

The cover is actually pretty good if you want to listen to a completely different song. I know people around my age who hate that version of the song so this alternative might be for you. Still, it is a ballsy suggestion, Spotify. It is very ballsy, at best.

True Bizarre Story of the Day:

Fire truck catches fire on the way to a call

“Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency service says it’s looking into what caused a fire truck’s engine to catch fire Thursday morning. Firefighters were responding to a medical call around 9 a.m. when they heard an “odd noise” coming from the engine while driving on West Porters Lake Road, said Deputy Chief Roy Hollett.” Read More…


Darth Vader - Billy Joel

That is a wrap. Till next time folks!

“Mr. Metal” Richie Eston

P.S. Would You Like Fries With That?

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