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Check out Rich Kunz of Diligent Visual

At a few recent conventions and local art events in Illinois one artist that has caught my eye is Rich Kunz of Diligent Visual where I saw this amazing print of Harley Quinn…


From his biography on his website

“I am a high school art teacher and freelance artist from the Chicagoland area. I have been interested in creating art for as long as I can remember. As a child I spent countless hours trying to sharpen my drawing skills by copying work that inspired me. Subjects that I took special interest in ranged from animated movies to comics and fantasy themed paintings.

After high school, I attended community college while working part-time. Eventually, I transferred to Illinois State University where I earned a bachelor’s degree in art education. I have since obtained two master’s degrees; also in education and administration. More recently, I completed a 13 week illustration course instructed by Donato Giancola. I also train with Watts Atelier Online and actively participate in Life Drawing Workshops in my area.

I have been teaching art at the high school level for seventeen + years. I am married and I have three children (who are featured in much of my work posted on this website).”

You can check out some of Diligent Visual’s services here:

Diligent Visual

Social Media

You can Follow Him on Social Media too.





Diligent Visual and YouTube Content

On his YouTube Channel he has some great video content as well.


Overall, it looks like Rich keeps busy. Be sure to check him out.

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