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Thoughts on the Buzzword Artisanal and More

Welcome to the blog of random musings known as Would You Like Fries With That? This is the fifth edition and today we got musings about McDonalds and the word artisanal, online shopping, and more.

Artisanal Buzzword That Needs to Stop

Can we all just agree that once McDonald’s used the word “artisanal” to describe their new food, that fancy marketing word lost all meaning? In fact, let me do the Google thing and find out the exact definition in how it relates to food.

“(of a product, especially food or drink) made in a traditional or non-mechanized way.”

Yeah, sorry McDonalds.

It gets worse though people. Fiji water uses that word to describe their water…. WATER! Freaking water!

How do you traditionally make water anyway?

artisanal water

Not Shopping Online

I tell you guys, I am pretty addicted to Amazon Prime. Free 2 Day Shipping for just about every damn item. The problem is now, when I visit a busy retail store, this becomes me:

I just lose patience and need to focus my breath so I can get through the crowds of people who just stand there. Seriously, Barb, you’re overthinking this mustard selection process. Just pick the store brand like everyone else and move on with your life.

Where’s Vault Boy?

I recently found it very amusing that in my County, the early voting building also has this sign on the front:

That is not Photoshopped, I can guarantee you that. Not only that, but doesn’t that seem rather encouraging?

My theory? That’s the backup plan if you filled in the wrong circles? Maybe I need to stock up on my Nuka Cola caps. Sheesh…

Being Totally Honest Here

Ironically if you hear me say “I heard that!” or “tell me about it!” I actually probably didn’t hear you and am too polite to get you to repeat yourself 100 times.

I don’t do whispering. Can’t read lips. Don’t do monotone. If you got something to say, please FREAKING SAY IT WITH FEELING. If you’re too afraid. Text it. Period.

Like Yondu, be Mary Poppins, y’all!

[quads id=”1″]


Housing shortage making it tough for Tofino to hire staffer needed to address housing shortage (

Hiring local has graduated from good practice to necessity on the West Coast because a housing crunch is preventing new employees from moving in.

In a frustrating twist, the lack of available housing has made it difficult for Tofino and Ucluelet to hire the building inspector they need to address it.

Both districts have agreed to share a building inspector who would spend three days in Tofino and two days in Ucluelet each week, but, since January, two applicants have been hired just to back out, in part, because they could not find suitable living arrangements. READ MORE…


Batman v Superman: Batman’s Shop Job by Ghosts of Vaudeville featuring Zeek’s Comics & Games


That is it for today folks!

Stay legendary!

P.S. Would You Like Fries With That?

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