5 Music Videos for a Bad Music Video Party

Years ago I had an annual tradition that I am passing onto everyone. It is called “Metal Mania” but can be used for any genre of music. It is like a B Movie party but only with bad music videos. Back in the day I had to “acquire” them digitally and burn onto DVD. However, nowadays you can setup a playlist on YouTube and use your streaming player to get a party like this going. Also, lots of alcohol and your friends with the sickest sense of humor.

Let us take a look at 5 candidates you may want to consider.

Motorhead – Killed by Death

First of all, may you R.I.P. Lemmy, you magnificent bastard. Who doesn’t want to see Lemmy burst through the wall on a motorcycle ala the Kool-Aid Man?

Judas Priest – Turbo Lover

Judas Priest is one of my favorite bands of all time. Once in awhile, you gotta pop in Painkiller or British Steel into your music player and let er rip. Having said that, the album Turbo is probably my least favorite album fronted by Rob Halford. However, we did manage to get this awesome music video out of it.

Immortal – Call of the Wintermoon

There is a number of excellent Black Metal bands playing in a forest doing random bs videos, but the guys who started that were Immortal. These bad music videos are so bad, that they are good. That is how I like them.

Btw… this is my favorite Immortal meme…

Cumbeast – Grandma Cremation

Did you know Cousin It had a band?

I showed this to my buddy recently who said “HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS VIDEO?!”

In preparation for the first party I went on public forums and got some good suggestions. This is the one that stood out. This is obviously shot in dad’s basement. I am told this song has lyrics, but that is only theoretically.

Candlemass – Bewitched

This is the best music video ever. Period. The look of the band. The plot of the video. The rather odd lyrics. This is the best. It is classified under the subgenre of “Doom Metal” which is supposed to be depressing. However, I feel anything but depressed when watching this magnificent work of musical cinema.

Now It Is Your Turn to have a Bad Music Video Party

Now I want to hear about your bad music videos of any genre. What would make your party “lit” as the kids today say? Of course, if you need help, I got you covered over on our brand new YouTube channel I created a playlist. I may even add some of your suggestions to the playlist.

And remember… YOU ARE BEWITCHED!


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