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Caption Contest Results: Cat Memes

The House of Creativity is on social media platforms such as Facebook. I like to have a little fun with our followers with stuff like caption contests. Our subject of Caption Contest tends to be my awesome cat, Miss Spyder-Cat. This produces cat memes.

Cats secretly rule the world. Whether we are clumsy kittens or their servants, science hasn’t truly figured out the mysteries of this creature that was once worshiped as gods in Egypt. (They obviously haven’t forgotten that). My cat is very photogenic and so I am happy to share her awesomeness with the world.

The first winner was Hayley…

Cat Memes

RL Jackson, author of the thriller book Gray, among many other accomplishments, is a frequently contributor to the caption contests. She’s also a cat lover. She’s fantastic at it…


AHHH! Creepy!


Next winner was Derek. I feel Spyder-Cat was tapping her paws together going “Excellent” like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.

Next winner was for an image that had two winners (RL Jackson earlier) and author of the Thor in restaurants blog, Kapraun.


Finally, a contributor to the Kip Winger vs. Cats blog, and dear friend, Kalaab, had this awesome contribution to my personal favorite image of Spyder-Cat…


So follow us on Facebook and join the fun. Contribute to the contests, and congratulations to the winners. You win bragging rights!

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