Helix: A Great Band? Or the Greatest Band?

There are some moments on Spotify and YouTube where I go down a rabbit hole of discovering music and videos. Some of it is great. Some of it is not so much. Then, there is something so amazing, you have to share with the world. Right now, the band and their amazing videos that I discovered is the 1980s band, Helix.

“Who is Helix?” – Everyone reading this.


They are a Canadian heavy metal band. Canada is not exactly known for metal bands. Sure, there are some good ones, but the scene has never exactly been booming with that many. The 1980s gave us Helix. Boy, did they give us a banger of a hair metal band. They are known for mostly their covers and a few interesting originals. I think the first video will set the tone for you in what exactly I am getting at…

Helix – Rock You

GIVE ME A R! O! C! K! Oh hell yeah! Say what you will about how ridiculous or possibly even culturally offensive this video is, this band rocks. I posted the PG version but there is an R Rated version out there? Why? Why? I don’t know. Maybe they didn’t like air time on MTV or MuchMusic? I don’t know. I will make an argument for that later in this blog but enjoy the pure 1980s pizzazz of greatness that is the song Rock You.

I showed this video to Kalaab, who has contributed some comments to our blog before and he said “I like how their rock videos contain a large number of literal rocks.” ME TOO!


Helix – Gimme Gimme Good Lovin

The next video is Gimme Gimme Good Lovin. This is a cover of Crazy Elephant’s anthem from the 1960s, but totally 1980s-ified.

Now like Rock You there are two versions of this video. One with “clothed” girls and one with topless ladies. Helix were geniuses. You see, in the 80s, they knew MTV and MuchMusic wasn’t going to play music videos forever. However, they knew that online adult entertainment would be a highly consumed media in the future. They knew that there would be a submarket of online adult entertainment called “vintage” and they were totally trying to get on the ground floor of that. That is called “Future Proofing” and not “absolutely corny” or “cheesy” like some people say.

This video is freaking amazing. I didn’t know there was a Miss Rock Fantasy pageant? And why do they just look like regular 1980s ladies in bikinis instead of rock stars when it is a rock pageant? Well, they knew their version of this song was so amazing that you wouldn’t pay attention to little details like that.


Until I saw this amazing out of this world video, my idea of Miss Rock Fantasy was Nita Strauss… she is the current touring guitarist of Alice Cooper and guitar virtuoso herself…

But man, I might have to rethink what kind of ladies I admire after seeing that Helix video.

(out of character note from Richie: NITA STRAUSS IS SO F****** AWESOME)


Helix – Running Wild in the 21st Century

Finally, only one version of this video. However, someone in the Helix camp sat down and said, “Let us talk about how we will rock in the 21st century. Nothing says post-2001 like a music video done in the style of an INXS video!”

Thus, “Running Wild in the 21st Century” was born. It has a early 1990s lady in a bra dancing which of course would make absolutely no sense to anyone except me. The real reason: Helix makes people want to dance in their underwear with no worries. And you want to do that all the way to the 21st century.

Helix – Even Jesus (Wasn’t Loved In His Hometown)

“Is Helix still around and do they still make music? Because I’m totally on board” – I assume you are saying after seeing these music videos. Well, here is some good news. They totally are still together. In fact, they have this song accompanied by music video called “Even Jesus (Wasn’t Loved in His Hometown).”

Now, as you can tell, the budget for this video might be smaller because musicians don’t make as much money as they used to. Rather though, these guys are so big that, like John Lennon of The Beatles, they compare themselves to Jesus for some reason. They claim that “Even Jesus Wasn’t Loved in His Hometown.” In fact, they repeat this factoid over and over again throughout the song so you won’t forget.

Some might say it is like when a small child says something clever and gets a good response from adults. So they repeat it until DEATH.

In conclusion, you should check out Helix if you want to ROCK! They were prolific with their music videos and there are at least a dozen, maybe more, of these gems you can find on YouTube. While you are at it, check out my 5 Awesome Music Album Covers.

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