Leslie Vernon Perfectly Deconstructs the Slasher Film Genre

Welcome to Hidden Gems. In this this blog series, I discuss what I feel are underrated classics. This is whether it is film, movies, music, video games, or any kind of entertainment. In the inaugural edition, I discuss the 2006 slasher mockumentary, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

Leslie Vernon

During my early 20s, I hadwent on a major binge of watching slasher and horror films. I knew the history and all of the classics. Then Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon came along and changed the rules for me. It had topped all slasher films that I had seen. It was both funny and intriguing. Sure, the 1990s classic Scream poked fun at some of the tropes in slasher films. However, this film completely went all out and deconstructed the entire genre.

The film starts out as a mockumentary. A documentary crew follows serial killer Leslie Vernon as he is preparing a killing spree. It is giving you a look at the “behind the scenes” of your Friday the 13th or Scream type killer. What kind of preparation goes into this rather gruesome art form? The word of the day seems to be cardio. Cardio, cardio cardio…

Behind the Mask

Yes, it leans a little on the satirical and comedic side. it does take you on a few twists and turns along the way. There are several amusing moments. It isn’t loaded with gore like most slashers. This helps if gore turns you off. I know it does to a number of my friends who also claim to love horror films. However, there is some nudity. So this film can at the very least be stomached by most adults.

Trust me. Before the end of this film, you will be cheering on “the final girl,” trust me. The whole film is just executed brilliantly. Plus, it has the perfect usage of the Talking Heads classic, Psycho Killer.

Leslie Vernon Sequel?

Fans of this cult classic have been clamoring for a sequel. Sequels of horror films are definitely not unusual. However, the road to this one has been paved with many bumps along the way. The biggest hurdle unfortunately seems to be funding from what I can research about it.

You can follow the sequel’s Facebook Page to get updates on it and other Leslie Vernon related news. They advertise licensed merchandise for sale and there is an even a comic book. Furthermore, the page is just fun to follow with all of your Leslie Vernon trivia.

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