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6 Comic Book Covers That Will Give You a Spit Take

Comic books are a highly underrated medium. It is the one art form that I feel gets better as time goes on. However, you can’t deny some of the classics. Especially those crazy comic book covers that were put out in the gold and silver age. Think of it as like clickbait for comic books. Trust me, this will be your reaction after looking at them…

 drinking james van der beek spit take GIF

Oh yeah, and almost all of the ones featured today are starring a hero who has a reputation for being a bit of a boy scout, Superman.

1. Superman’s Forced Marriage

Wow, never mind that Superman is being culturally insensitive. He is also just being a dick to his “best pal” in this cover. Also, remember when comic books cost $0.12? Ha ha…

2. WOW…….

This was my honest reaction to this one:

Yes, sexism in comics is still an issue to this day all around from the offices to the fanbase to the content of the books. Having said that I would like to think it is a tad better than when this comic came out.

3. Superboy is a Nihilist

Okay, this cracked me up to no end. Loved it!

4. Superman Makes His Friends Play The Hunger Games… or Rather the Thirsty Games

Oh my goodness Superman. What are you doing? Not only that but a little background, Aquaman couldn’t survive without water.

5. He is a Mur-Diddly-urd-lar!

Hey now, don’t be giving some of the creeps out there a practical idea like this! No! Superman! No!

6. Hmmm…

This might be Superman being an asshole. This might also be the start of a really bad slash fan fiction between Superman and Batman. Hard to say! What is Superman going for here on these comic book covers?

These were some crazy covers to say the least. Like bad music videos? Check out the listicle of bad music videos.

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