Chicago Open Air 2017 Day 1 – Mr and Mrs J’s Adventures

I’ve talked about some of my adventures on here before. Well, this past weekend, my wife and I went to our first multi-day music festival. It was Chicago Open Air 2017. If you read this blog you will know my love of metal music. Yes, I love rock, pop, and other genres too, but I feel this music in my soul. When my mother was pregnant with me, she listened to Def Leppard’s Pyromania throughout the pregnancy. So when I was a baby, they would have to play that album to get me to calm down from my tantrums. No joke. I’ve been a rocker ever since.

Now I had personally been to Family Values Tour and Ozzfest, but those are single day festivals. This festival is a 3 day marathon.


We got in Day 1 rather easily. The rules of what was allowed were posted online and there were a lot of resources so it wasn’t difficult. There were a lot of cool vendors at this, and basically, at the beginning, we were soaking it all in. We had a decision to make. Do we venture back and forth between the main stage and the 2nd stage and catch every single act, or do we stick with a stage. We ended up sticking by the main stage. A lot of people might think that was dumb, and I recognize it. However, we got to keep our seats and even worked our way up close throughout the event.

Hell or Highwater

Hell or Highwater kicked off the main stage and they were a solid act. I listened to them a bit before this event and I think they are a good rock act. Here is a music video of their single, “I Want it All.”

My wife took a lot of pics throughout the event and here are some highlights from Hell or Highwater’s Chicago Open Air 2017 set…


I had never heard of this act to be honest. However, they tore the house down with their groovy stoner rock. They sounded great and put on a great show. I have zero complaints. If you have never heard of them, here is their single, “Nowhere to Hide.”

Here are also some highlights that Mrs. J took…

Falling in Reverse

This was the act of the day that I was personally dreading. They sounded very pop emo-ish on their records. However, I will always give credit where credit is due. They blew me away. I actually enjoyed this act a lot. The frontman had good charisma and it was just a fun guilty pleasure. Here is their single “The Drug In Me Is You.”

Here are some highlights Mrs J took…


Here is also footage from my cell phone which sucks at a distance. Terrible terrible video quality.


Anthrax was one of the top acts I was looking forward to seeing live. I’ve seen Megadeth. I’ve seen Metallica. Still hadn’t seen Anthrax. Boy, did they crush it. Seriously guys, they may have had only 45 minutes but they made it count. It literally made the $120 3 Day pass and drive up to Chicago plus a hotel stay worth it. If you get a chance to see Anthrax sometime, you have to. Here is my favorite track they played, which is off their killer new album “For All Kings,” it is called “Breathing Lightning.”

And of course, here is some highlights from Mrs J’s camera work. She got some good pics too!

Plus crappy Cell Phone Footage!


I saw Megadeth on their Dystopia tour last Fall and they were fabulous. I thought their new album was killer too last year. Sure, I think Dave Mustaine is a bit out there as a person. However, I am able to separate the artist from the person. He is a great artist.

Megadeth once again put on a great set. This is the best version of the band since the Marty Friedman days in my opinion. Mrs. J also loved them too.

Here is their anthem, “Holy Wars.”

Some highlights from the show

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie has always been on my bucket list. You see… for a long time, I fell out of  what was modern music in the 90s. Then, one day in high school, a teacher played a kid’s CD. Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe. This album blew me away. It is one of the best albums from beginning to end. I was introduced to a whole new world. That was 1998. Now, 19 years later, I finally got to see Rob Zombie live.

He was excellent live. Rob Zombie has a great stage show with video screens, props, and special effects. I also heard some hilarious but bizarre speeches about aliens and what not from him. He performed just about every one of my favorite tracks of his including a couple of White Zombie songs.

Here is the song that drew me into Rob Zombie’s bizarre but wonderful world, “Dragula”…

Here are some highlights..

And of course, the crappy cell phone!


Oh my goodness! We also got to bear witness to The Legendary KISS. I honestly felt they were underappreciated by the audience (maybe because they couldn’t start a circle pit to ” Love Gun”???) but I had a blast. It was a great show. Personally, I see a lot of hate online towards the newer members of the band but I thought they all sounded great. I may not have gotten to see KISS in their heydey, but I can say I saw a live KISS show. It was great.

They went all over the catalog and played all of the songs that I know by heart, including their 90s hit… “Psycho Circus.”

At the end, they brought some military folks on stage and made the audience recite the pledge of allegiance, which got a big response out of the crowd. USA! USA!

Here are some highlights!

Then the cell phone footage which reveals basically nothing about the show! WOO!

Chicago Open Air 2017 Day 1 Wrap Up

Day 1 of Chicago Open Air 2017 was killer. I have read a lot of reviews saying this festival technical aspects are better than your average festival. This is mostly in terms of sound quality. I have nothing to really base this on but I agree that the sound was great. Had a blast that day!

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