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Public Restrooms, Fast Food Special Orders

Welcome to the Would You Like Fries With That? Blog. Now, in this edition it is more quality over quantity, but I assure you, this is great. We discuss public restrooms and special ordering fast food.

Actual Problems With Public Restrooms

Last year, everybody was pretty hung up on who was using what when it came to public restrooms. I am going to say this up front, this is me…

Public Restrooms

Having said that, I do have a couple of problems I will not stand for in public restroom that I feel are the REAL issues that need addressed…

– When there are 12 empty urinals with no barriers between them, and I am using one on the end, don’t use the one right next to me. This happened to me at Chicago Open Air. That’s just freaking weird! Give me some space! It puts my stranger danger indicator on full blast. My peripheral vision feels like it is getting an unsolicited dick pic. I don’t want them any more than the ladies on Tinder do. Scoot down if you got room!

– If you are pooping… don’t whistle. Too many members of the male gender, in my personal experience, whistle while they poop. I do not know why. Stop this nonsense. Unless you can whistle out the riff to the Deep Purple classic “Smoke on the Water,” I don’t want to hear it.


Fast Food Special Orders

So I like to special order sandwiches at restaurants. I grew up as a very fussy eater. What I can say I’ve gotten a lot better as I’ve gotten older. After all, I am always making strides to improve.

On the other hand, my wife didn’t come from that kind of culture in her household. So it is a bit of clash. The clash peaked the other day when Hardees got my sandwich wrong. Right after pulling out of the drive thru I check my sandwich (anyone who special orders knows this feeling). I get far, realize they get it wrong and I say “NO! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!” My wife starts groaning and laughing. She is like “Oh my god, this is so embarrassing.”

Wait… my lady. “How is this embarrassing for you,” I said. “They are the ones who got it wrong. If there is anyone who should be embarrassed, it is them!”

Obama Mic Drop

Now, before keyboard warriors start raging, I used to work in Fast Food. It is a tough job. Nobody grows up as a child with dreams and aspirations of working fast food. It is just a job you take. I know. I have been there. You end up in auto pilot and very tired just trying to wait till it is time to clock out. So I am empathetic and don’t fault people for getting 1 out of a couple hundred sandwiches they made that day wrong. I am usually very polite and laid back. Nothing but love man. There? Feel better now?



Man With Face Tattoo Finally Accepts Job Offer

“New Zealand teenager who complained his large DEVAST8 face tattoo was hampering his employment prospects has finally landed a job.

Mark Cropp’s photo was shared around the world after he admitted on social media the tattoo was a drunken mistake from his time in prison and he was devastated with the results.

However, the former prison inmate made more headlines after revealing he had turned down 45 job offers, saying he was “waiting for the right one”.”

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Ozzy Man Reviews WTF Happned in June 2017…

Till next time my folks!

“Mr. Metal” Richie Jackson

P.S. Would You Like Fries With That?

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