New Music Friday – Alice Cooper, Make Them Suffer, Byzantine, Masterplan

Every Friday I load up my Release Radar playlist on Spotify and listen to new music from my favorite artists. Then I go out an order the vinyl that is available to order to double support the artist. The few pennies I earn them on Spotify from listening on the god and the record sale I feel is a good way to go. So what are my recommendations that were released this week? I have legends here like Alice Cooper and up and coming artists like Make Them Suffer.

“Paranormal” by Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper Paranormal

You would think after being in the music business for almost 50 years one would lose steam, but Alice Cooper keeps on rocking. This is a great rock album. Alice Cooper still has it and it sounds amazing. Sure, a lot of fans will only recognize his work from the 70s and 80s, but I say, as a younger fan of his, do not discredit releases such as this one. Great album from beginning to end, for sure. My favorite tracks are Paranormal, Geniuine American Girl, Holy Water, and Paranoiac Personality.

“Worlds Apart” by Make Them Suffer

Worlds Apart by Make Them Suffer

This was recommended on the metal websites this week. I had never heard of Australia’s Make Them Suffer. Having said that, as soon as I played track number one I was instantly hooked. It is a mashup of several scenes in the metal community including Deathcore, Symphonic, and Gothic just to name a few scene influences. I don’t know if Deathcore purists will appreciate it. Some metalheads in the scene tend to obsess over labels for their music. For me, in this case, it is just good heavy music. That is all you really need to know. It really works for me.  It is trippy but heavy. I really loved this album and you better believe I went to their record label’s website and ordered the vinyl. I hope to hear more from this band.

“The Cicada Tree” by Byzantine


Another band I hadn’t previously listened to won me over their new release. Byzantine has been around for over 17 years too. Every time I discover a new band, I feel like I found a new friend. This band is classified under the Groove Metal label similar to pioneers of the genre Pantera or today’s popular Groove Metallers Lamb of God. While they do sort of have the feel of those bands, they definitely have their own take on it. I especially appreciate the mix up of both gritty clean vocals and harsh vocals. It really works. The guitar solos are also on point as well. Just a great release overall.

“PumpKings” by Masterplan

Masterplan PumpKings

I have always been a big fan of Masterplan and all of their work for years ever since their self-titled album. I have always appreciated the works and legacy of Power Metal kings, Helloween. Having said that, this release I am a bit torn on. It does sound fantastic and is a great take on the classics. However, at the end of the day, it is Masterplan covering a bunch of Helloween songs. Granted the guitarist Roland Grapow is originally from Helloween. Nobody can deny that.

If you can take away all of the drama surrounding this, it is really is a good album. I will give it that. If you like cover albums or Masterplan, definitely check this out and just avoid the comment section.

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