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Well… That Escalated Quickly (The Comment Section)

There is one place I try to avoid with every fiber of my being. That is the public comment section of the internet. Where does society dig these people up from? What corner of the world do they come out and just say whatever the hell they are thinking without it going through the filter in their brain? Here is an image that sums it up…

Now, I wanted to compile some comments I ran into on the internet.

The Public News

Awhile back this news story ran through several local news media outlets. The comments are crazy…

The Comment Section - Wet Concrete

YES! OFF WITH THE PARENTS’ HEADS! That seems like a sensible level headed conclusion to jump to. Parent shaming is a popular thing on the internet. I guess it is easy to be armchair quarterbacks with other people’s kids? I really don’t know.

YouTube Stars

This is Meytal Cohen! She is a popular YouTuber/Patreon/Social Media personality. Here is an abbreviated rundown of her from her WikiPedia page.

“Meytal Cohen is an Israeli-American drummer and one of the founding members of the American heavy metal band Meytal. Her online video project, which began in 2010, saw Cohen performing drum covers of popular rock and heavy metal songs, and amassing a huge fan base that has resulted in more than 100 million total views. In August 2015, Meytal’s first studio album Alchemy was released”

I’ve actually seen her live in her band, Meytal. They opened up for Queensryche.

First of all… no one says no to Pina Coladas (now I got that song in my head). NOBODY. Second of all, do celebrities or social media personalities really take health advice from their fans?

Also, are people in general all unaware of the effects of alcohol on our bodies at this point? I’m pretty sure that the hangover will shed some light on what it does to your body.

Then again, there is a strong contingent of people who randomly decided the world was flat again, so maybe I have too much faith?

The Comment Section and Celebrities and Their Bodies

Recently, a disturbing but false story about Angelina Jolie circulated the internet about her torturing orphans that she cast.  I smelt bullshit because, for one, she basically adopted an entire orphanage as her own. Of course, the story was false. So let us take a look at the comments…


Angelina Jolie - The Comment Section

Ummm…wut? Angelina Jolie’s body parts seems like the right kind of thing to obsess over and publically comment on too.

Fund Raisers Conundrum and a Simple Solution

Here is a post from Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle offers digital packages you can buy and they donate whatever portion of the sale you designate to the charities. It is a pretty neat concept and they have grown. They generally do packages with PC Games, Android Games, eBooks, Digital Comic Books, and more. It is a very neat concept. However, I ran into this interesting concept…

Humble Bundle

Hmmm…well Aaron from Australia, there is a solution to your charity selection problem. I don’t know if you heard of this but usually it is actually possible that you can go and directly donate to the charity without getting anything in return. Instead of complaining about a great thing that Humble Bundle has running, you could do that. File that one under “just saying…”


Here is Marvel showing a video of some coffee art of the Incredible and Totally Awesome Hulk. Seemingly harmless fluffy social media post, right?

Marvel Club

Why do people hate nerds? Why is no one new getting interested in comic books? These are mysterious but some of it may have something to do with people like this who don’t welcome newcomers. Not that coffee art is going to appeal to new demographics (it is just a cool simple video to watch) Also, what does different types of art have to do with comic books anyway? Sheesh…you have to like the comment section.

Some Actual Album Covers That’ll Make You Ask “What Fresh Hell is This?”

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