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5 Recent Urban Legends Debunked by Snopes

I love following They are the true fighters of fake news. However, some of it just seems like common sense to me. So, in this listicle, we have five stories recently published that I felt were totally out there but SOMEBODY believed it.


1. Farting is Not a Practical Weight Loss Solution According to Snopes

Farting Burns Calories

I first saw this meme actually pop in several of my social media feeds. I thought “Man, I should have lost some weight by now.” I could totally tell this theory was full of crap.

Thank you Snopes for doing the amazing fact checking for us and sad news to those were thinking about going on the cabbage, cheese, and beans diet.

2. Can an American Talk to E.T.?


I’m apologize to the hard working guys on behalf of the human race that you had to actually fact check this. Especially since we all know that if there was such a law, it was totally broken by this kid in 1982…

3. Giving Pepto Bismal to Dogs

Pepto Bismal

So there you have it folks! Give your dog Pepto Bismal! Wait… whaaat?

Apparently this really is a thing (if directed by a vet) that people give their dogs human medicine in limited quantities. Just seems strange to me but who am I to judge?

4. The Mennonite Biker Gang

Mennonite Biker

Now this article took me down a rabbit hole. Apparently the original article comes from a website called The Daily Bonnet

“The Daily Bonnet is a Mennonite satirical news site from the heart of the Bible belt, Steinbach, Manitoba. Apart from the names of local and international celebrities, all characters and situations presented are entirely fictitious.”

Basically, this is The Onion of Mennonites. I have seen “The Onion of _____” for a lot of scenes, but this is certainly a topic I did not foresee.

5. Man vs. Bird


First of all, I don’t judge anyone who partakes in in the nude sunbathe. My reason, if I were to do this, would be because “they need to breathe.” The possible breeze feels good.

However, did Snopes really have to use the image of a Seagull looking like he or she is about to rip off a guy’s testicle? Was that really necessary here?

That is it for today. While you are at it, check out some of our other Listicles.

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