Deadlift Lolita Are the Heroes We Deserve

Who are Deadlift Lolita? Let me take you back… A few people on the Western Hemisphere are familiar with Kawaii Metal. What is Kawaii Metal? Here is a brief intro from the Wikipedia page:

“Kawaii metal (also known as idol metal, cute metal, or kawaiicore) is a musical genre that blends elements of heavy metal and J-pop that was pioneered in Japan in the early 2010s. A typical kawaii metal composition involves combining the instrumentation found in various types of heavy metal music with J-pop melodies and a Japanese idol aesthetic.”

It is awesome and very delightful. Sure it is in a foreign language but the melodies and harmonies are on point. I fell in love with this style when I Was introduced about a little over a year ago to BabyMetal

So that brings us to Deadlift Lolita. I follow many of the metal journalist websites and one of the bands that popped up on the news was Deadlift Lolita. I was like “Hmmmm…” Who are they? Well, here you go…

Who is Deadlift Lolita?

Bask in their magnificence. As Chris Jericho says, “Drink it in, maaaan.” Speaking of wrestlers, this band is fronted by two wrestlers based out of Japan.

One of them is Ladybeard, an Australian who has been cross dressing since he was 14. Hey, I’m all about you being you so you be you Ladybeard. He immigrated to Asia. Started out in China as a martial arts stunt person and became a pro-wrestler. Now he makes amazing music. He adds both death growls and some rather other interesting vocals to their music.

The other is Reika Saiki. She is a pro-wrestler, a bodybuilder, and a model. Not only talented at all three of those but she can also sing. Rock on!

The Music

Here is the first song I was introduced to… “Pump Up Japan.”

I was like “HELL YEAH! Crank that shiz up!”

If that wasn’t all, we got a few more songs. I’m not sure what this song is called because I only can read the English alphabet unfortunately, but its a pretty damn awesome, and that is all that matters!


This song is called Muscle Cocktail.

Deadlift Lolita has served a unique purpose of both making me want to smile, dance, and headbang. Congratulations you guys and keep up the great work. A few of us over in the States totally dig it.

If it isn’t your thing, that’s fine. Don’t be hating on either of these two for who they are because they are trained to kick some ass, too. Just saying, is all…

You can follow them on Facebook and Ladybeard’s YouTube page for more information.

If Kawaii Metal is not your thing (and I get it), maybe something more traditional in the Heavy Metal scene like Chicago’s Shokker might entice you.

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