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Being Socially Weird

Welcome to the musings blog. It is the 11th edition and this week we discuss how socially weird I am. This is in the first two musings, plus some other interesting topics.

Wine Tasting with Me

Me at a wine tasting would be like “This tastes like wine!” and “This is also wine!” Gotta do the swirly thing in my mouth and be like “Ahhh… wine again! Excellent sir/madam! Props to you and your grape engineering!”

Instead of words like robust, I would say things like “Ahh… A very robot wine! Sir Bender of Futurama would love this.”

Socially Weird Wine Tasting


2017 News Cycle

So 2017 has been a crazy year in the news. It can’t possibly surprise me anymo….



Quotation Marks

So I went to Herradura in Bloomington, IL. It was recommended to me by my co-worker. I loved it. However, I was puzzled by the restaurant’s sign. Now I admit that maybe it is a cultural barrier that I am ignorant of or even understand. However, you’d think by now somebody would let them know.

Seriously, why is “Honest” in quotations?


Having said that, if you’re in the area, their Chorizo Tacos are amazing.

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Woman gets lifetime bus pass for 103rd birthday

PINELLAS COUNTY — A Bay area woman, who has lived more than a century, received a sweet surprise that will help her keep moving. At least four days a week, 103-year-old Barbara Rygiel takes a late morning stroll to the bus stop where she waits to get picked up for church. It’s a normal routine for a woman who is anything but average.Read More…



Adele – “Hello”, a Metal Cover by OHP.


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