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The Comment Section II: Gamer, Freddie Mercury, and Metal

As a gamer, a metalhead, and all around geek, I just tried to avoid the comment section. Where do these people come from? WHY?!?!?! Pretty much, this sums it up.

Living Under a Rock

I follow several Metal and Rock communities on the interwebs. I love their memes but some of the comments just make my head explode.

For the record, I actually read the replies to this comment to see if he was joking. Come to find out he was not kidding. He seriously did not get it. Owen got in a huge fight with people on Facebook because he does not like Queen. He said he likes all types of music including classic rock. Also, he wants to murder Justin Bieber. (Murder is not okay. Especially since that will only increase his record sales.) It escalated very quickly into a flame war, for real.

I’m inclined to agree that everyone should know this song as it is literally the greatest song of all time. However, having said that, there’s no need to hate or wish for physical violence against Owen for his tastes. Instead, you play Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody immediately and you crank that up!


Metal frontwoman Vicky Psarakis is the current vocalist for The Agonist. The Agonist is an awesome Canadian Metal Band. Here is the band performing a cover of the classic song, “Take Me to Church”…

Talented vocalist and, yes, a very pretty lady. So she posts her selfies on the social media as is the hip thing for young people to do. But the comments some people post just make my skin crawl…

I’m not sure Leon used the best phrasing here because it comes across a lot like this guy…

You know this guy right? Buffalo Bill? Silence of the Lambs? Skin suit of women? Lotion in the basket? Ringing a bell now? Yeah… not the vision you want to invoke, bro.

Yes, she does have a nice smile. I don’t think anyone will deny that. However, she also has some amazing pipes. You should check out The Agonist on streaming. Personally, I picked up their latest album, Five, last year. It was great and received multiple listens.

Some Comments Win the Internet

Some people just win the internet with a comment. Daniel, you win the internet. Also, yes, I had a very American Horror Story impression from this picture. I mean, we are one head away from Cerberus…


Also, I have many problems with this advertisement. What if I want roses? Just because I’m a bro doesn’t mean I can’t partake in monthly fresh flowers for myself. It was Tom & Retta on Parks and Recreation who said “Treat yourself!”

I deserve it.

Online Video Gamer

Ahh yesh, the video gamer community that always discusses super important things like “Xbox vs. PS4” and “Ethics in Gaming Journalism.”

I’ve also noticed, perhaps, a little hostility in most open forums. While it is okay to have a little passion about a subject but I also read the comments like “DAMN DUDE. It literally is just a game.”

Here is a great comment…

This was my initial reaction…

Depending on one’s definition of “a man,” I’m not sure how your choice of what to be a gamer on makes you more masculine, or more mature. Also, I have not seen an Xbox engaged in zoophilia but who really knows what’s going on at the Microsoft labs these days.

By the way, both PS4 and Xbox One consoles are virtually the same. So knock yourself out, kids!

NEXT ARITCLE: Just a few more comments from the Comment Section!

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