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Caption Contests Leads to Nickelback and Cat Memes

Over on’s social media, particularly our Facebook page, we have Caption Contests all the time. From time to time I will post what I feel are the winners. This time we had two different kinds of memes. One was featuring a group of Nickelback fans wearing denim jackets showing off their shirts featuring a majestic Chad Kroeger. The rest are all cats.

Nickelback Fans Chad Kroeger Shirt Memes.

Nickelback gets a lot of hate for some reason. They are an easy target. So I apologize to Chad and the gang. However, some pictures are too tempting not to caption. Such as this pictures of Nickelback fans wearing a fan made shirt of a rather majestic Chad Kroeger.

There were two winners. First Kapraun, author of our Thor blog.



Next, was Kalaab, who was recently featured in our Adam Sandler/Tom Jones hypothetical blog.


Nothing but Cats

Next, we have Facebook Fan Page reader Trina with her cat Azra. The winner of that caption contest was Robyn.

Yes, cats rule the world, I am sorry. Next, is all my cat, Spyder-Cat. She is adorable. I’m sorry. I know I am a bit biased. She is at least more adorable than Chad Kroeger of Nickelback.

Winner: Kapraun wins hands done.

Winner: Kapraun wins yet again. DAMN YOU KAPRAUN!

Winner: KatieBug… aka wife.


Well, that does it for this edition. Keep participating in the caption contests, and if you think you have a pretty good picture to caption, send it our way through the social media networks.

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