Thundercats Episode 1 – “Exodus” (Right in the Childhood)

My first RITC blog covering episode 1 of Thundarr the Barbarian was well received. Thank you. So, I used the Facebook page to get suggestions for reader’s suggestions for old favorites to be covered in my Right in the Childhood column. Then I took those suggestions and ran a poll on Twitter. The winner was Thundercats!

A lot of old cartoons passed me by when I was growing up so I am seeing this for the first time. I try to view these for what they are, good old fun. Yes, it might be a tad silly and I will get silly with it, but I promise not to be unfair.

Warning, this is basically nothing but spoilers. I encourage you to head to Amazon and pick up some episodes if you don’t want to be spoiled on a 30+ year old show.

The Introduction

The opening theme song and introduction is off the hook! When it comes to television, they don’t make opening credits like they used to in the 1980s. I freaking love it.

So uhh…about that…

Right out of the gate, Jaga, the elder ThunderCat, calls Lion-O over just to casually show him his home planet blowing up from their spaceship like Alderaan…


No seriously, that happened. The Thundercats seem mildly disappointed that this has happened. Maybe this is something that happens to the Thundercats all the time? So everyone is all like “Major Bummer dude…”

lana del rey bummer GIF

Now it is time to look for a new planet. No time to grieve, just find a new home immediately!

I also at this point want to point out my personal favorite character…

Thundercats - Snarf

His name is Snarf. He’s a nurse maid. He just wants to be included and acknowledges for his efforts of caring for Lion-O. Gotta admit, this was my initial reaction to this character…

I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him


We are then informed that when he comes to age, Lion-O will be in charge of the Thundercats. Then he is shown a magical sword called the Eye of Thundera that when the time is right, things will go crazy.

Then, the enemy, simply known as “The Mutants” attempt to hijack their spaceship. Lion-O wants in on the action, as does Snarf. But they are told to stay back and stay safe… “Safe is boring”

The Thundercats win, but not at a great cost. The Navigation system is short and the ship is damaged. So they must find a new planet. Within seconds (yes seconds), they find a planet that is a 96 percent match, “Earth” with a very “simple sun.”

So, the Thundercats all have to go in age slowing sort of stasis chambers (Geez, how often does this happen that they need this technology?) Except for Jaga who is basically like “I’m old as hell. I need to fly this ship and just let me die already!”

The Thundercats, again, are all like “I don’t agree, mate, but it is your body, your decision” and everyone express mild disappointment again. They all step in the age slowing chambers. Afterwards, Jaga is like “Yeah, I wasn’t even sure this would work. Damn you idiots all have a lot of faith in me.”

Good Times All Around for The Thundercats

Fast forward… Jaga flies the ship for awhile. Then he decides “You know what… I have had enough of this. Time to die. Hope the autopilot works. Bye!”

They do crash land on Earth. Snarf and an adult Lion-O is up. Snarf tries to get Lion-o immediately to play with a toy. Lion-O is all like Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon like “I’m too old for this shit” and Snarf is like “you’re always a boy to me.” Good scene. Glad it happened!

Oh, and the mutants from before? Apparently they chased the Thundercats down the whole freaking galaxy. Sheesh! Now that is persistence!

Lion-O gets the Eye of Thunderra, but doesn’t remember anything. Then suddenly the mentor pulls an Obi-Wan Kenobi from Episode VI and tells him “Use the sword, Luke…er….Lion-O.” Then he looks at the sword and suddenly remembers everything. Then, Lion-O lets the Thundercats out of their chambers. Boom! Time to turn on that bitchin’ theme song so they can fight the mutants.

Lion-O and the gang are all like “We’re here to fuck shit up” and the mutants retreat like a bunch of little bitches even though they evidently spent years chasing them.

Now they are on Earth where Lion-O, who was around 12 years old a few minutes ago, and now a full grown cat person. He declares they will make Earth their home…. with the help of the other Thundercats, of course. So… I guess he just alluded to them mating like jack rabbits? Is that what I got from that?

Now, while I did have a little fun with this blog, I really did enjoy this classic cartoon for the first time. Definitely, most children’s cartoons today don’t hold up to the sheer awesomeness of the 1980s cartoons like Thundercatts.

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