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Meet the Artist Behind the New Metal Fry Logo

We are proud to unveil a new logo and social media icon for Geek With That. If you haven’t seen it yet on our Social Media or Website, here it is… the metal fry!

It is a fry, that is pure 100% Metal. It explores my attitude of something awesome but silly, kind of like my Right in the Childhood column. This is what Geek With That has basically gone with in the humor department since it launched last April.

Meet the Artist Behind the Metal Fry

So meet the artist… Matthew Walter James Johnson, of We’re Cannon Fodder.

Aside from running a Facebook Page, Matt also has a Patreon which you can contribute to and help him out. Here is his biography off the page…

“I’m a cartoonist entrepreneur who’s ultimate goal is to get my show off the ground using ideas I ultimately get from my fans.

My show in the works, has a wide range of comedy, all the way from dry humor, to crude and vulgar tidbits.

I have created some content and have things I need to animate, but until then, I need to fund my equipment, and most importantly, my time.”

He is a talented artist. Here is some of my favorite work of Matt’s…

Adam West

“A childhood inspiration and has always been on my list of people to meet when I make it out to L.A.!

Thank you for all of the adventures Adam West!”

Negan from The Walking Dead

“No spoilers here for whoever is not caught up on the show. Just a heads up, this guy is just the worst, but also one of the best villains of all time.”

Negan From The Walking Dead

Queen Regina from Once Upon a Time

“The evil queen stole my heart!

This is the side of my art that I take into a bit more detail. I have fun with it, and since I started my new portfolio, I figured I would share my dark queen with everyone!”

Note from Richie: Yeah, she also has my heart too, Matt… me too…

The Evil Queen

Webcomics and Humor

He even has some Webcomics that show off his sense of humor…

Happy Easter From Cannon Fodder

So be sure to support Matt Johnson & Cannon Fodder on Patreon or Facebook.. Basically in any way that you can. He did some awesome work on the very af metal fry.

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