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5 Album Covers That Make You Go “What Fresh Hell is This?”

I wanted to cover some album covers that people say are terrible, but I think are awesome, like last time. However, I went down a rabbit hole on the internet, folks. I found some album covers that I’m not going to say are terrible. However, they did elicit a “What’s this?”

Yes, I’m basically Jack Skellington. I see something odd, and I have to investigate. Of course, I immediately regret the decision as the more appropriate reaction for these album covers is “What fresh hell is this?!”

Beverly Massegee – “Amen!”

Here is Beverly having a tender romantic moment with Erick, her ventriloquist dummy. If her first career as a musician doesn’t work out I think she has a chance at a second career with certain corners of the internet, or so I hear.


The Dick Handler Quarter – I Should have Been Crucified

Now, I know what you are thinking, “If The Dick Handler Quartet is a quartet, why are there only three of them?”

My only explanation is that is the fourth member is what Mr. Handler handles, obviously.

Also, I must say, this is obviously a Christian album, but with a statement “I should have been crucified” are you comparing yourself to Jesus in this scenario? Hmmm…

Svetlana Gruebbersolvik – My Lips Are For Blowing

Hey, it is 2017, I don’t judge on things like that. You be you Svetlana! But can you imagine listening to a whole album filled nothing but the recorder? Oh my god, straight to hell!

Ava Kathaleen Beaty – God’s Chosen Puppet

God's Chosen Puppet

I apologize for the language I’m about to use here but HOLY FUCK. Sorry, there was no way around that.

Seriously, this will haunt me for awhile.

Favorite Traveling Salesman Stories

I’m sorry, but what the hell is going on in this picture? I try to develop a theory but, ultimately, I’m just really confused.

I need an adult!

This covers this listicle. Now we can all go and take a nice long bath and try to wash away the shame many of us feel right now.


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