Is the New Arch Enemy Album “Will to Power” a Cut Above the Rest?

It is Friday, and that means new music! This time I am reviewing the new album by melodic death metal band Arch Enemy, Will to Power.

Arch Enemy - Will to Power

I usually have to be in the mood for most death metal. The music style is definitely an acquired taste. However, I am always in the mood for Arch Enemy. I feel they have managed to separate themselves from the other death metal bands while still shredding like nobody’s business. How do they do this?

About Arch Enemy

The whole band is great, but there are two key elements that I feel help them. The very strong songwriting and guitar playing of Michael Amott.

Michael Amott

He writes Arch Enemy in the musical style like if the arena rock band Journey was a Death Metal band. (Hey, I love Journey. Knock em if you want, but they’re songwriting pros too). That is honestly the best way to describe it. So many times, I just close my eyes, and feel the guitars enter my soul. It is just great.

Alissa White-Gluz Angela Gassow

Another key element I feel is the still intelligible but also still knock your socks off extreme vocal style of Alissa White-Gluz (and previously Angela Gassow). Before Angela fronted Arch Enemy, there weren’t many female death metal vocalists. Both of these ladies proved that they can also kick ass, and in many cases, do it better than a lot of their male peers.

And believe me, I am not trying to take away from the amazing talent of the rest of the band as they all kick some serious ass.

Will to Power

This is easily one of my most anticipated new releases of the year. So was it worth the wait? First, they have a new guitarist joining Michael Amott on guitars, Jeff Loomis. He is from Nevermore which is a much different band. I like Nevermore, but I had wondered how he would fit in. That was until they released their first single, “The World is Yours.”

This is still is classic Arch Enemy. This was my honest reaction upon hearing the song…

Of course, there is also another great single that they released that currently has over 2 million views on YouTube, “The Eagle Flies Alone.” It is fantastic…

Singles being good is all fine and dandy, but how is the rest of the album? Here are a few of my favorite tracks…

Now, for those who follow Alissa, they know she was in a band called The Agonist. In this band, she had done some really good clean vocals along with her death growls. Her clean vocals were not on her first album with Arch Enemy, War Eternal. However, I am happy to report that for at least one song they stepped out of their comfort zone. That song is “Reason to Believe” and it is an awesome experiment for the band. I’m glad they did that while still making sure most of the album still fits their classic style. Good to have some variety in there.

Another notable song is “First Day in Hell.” It is a very chilling song, and Alissa here provides her story behind the lyrics of the song. Just wow…

I also really love “Dreams of Retribution.” It really sounds like the guitar is talking to me (no, not in a weird Peter Frampton way). I am just speaking to how amazing the solo is on this song.

Does “Will to Power” by Arch Enemy Live up to the Hype?

So the question is…. does it live up to the hype? Well, this is me right now on my second listen of this album…

I feel like that explains everything.

You can pick the album up on Amazon. I personally pre-ordered the vinyl and it was worth it. It is also available on streaming platforms such as Spotify and available to purchase on iTunes. If you like Arch Enemy, The Agonist, or extreme metal, LISTEN TO THIS NOW!

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