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WWE Comic Books Are Kind of Amazing

This is my first comic book review. I am a long time professional wrestling fan. I recently went to see WWE Backlash and NXT Chicago which I covered here. The other day, I went to my local comic book shop, Zeek’s (if you’re in Central Illinois, check them out!) and asked the owner for some recommendations. He recommended some WWE Comic Books as one of his many excellent suggestions. So he showed me a copy of WWE #8, which features one of my favorite WWE performers on the cover, Dean Ambrose.

He is a fellow wrestling fan. There are sort of two different levels of being a wrestling fan. One is, you watch it as a competitive sport and buy into everything they are selling. They tend to be called “Marks” for believing “it is real.” (Nobody believes it is not predetermined.) Then the other level of fan is the ones who watch it more as an artistic sport and theater. Kind of like of like extremely physical gymnastics mixed with theater and improv. You have your favorite performers who do it well and some who don’t do it so well. You still get into the story, but you tend to critique things a bit more. Some follow backstage gossip online (Which tends to be the real definition of fake news as most of it is just way off).  They are called “Smart Marks.” Although if you ask anyone working in wrestling, we are really just “Marks.”

So I asked him, “Is this in WWE Kayfabe?” (Kayfabe being an old wrestling term basically meaning “in character”) “Or is this like Behind the Scenes?” Zeek looked at me and said “No dude, this is something totally different…”

What the Hell is Happening?

Okay, so what did he mean by WWE Comic Books being something totally different? For starters, this comic book is written by X-Men writer, Dennis Hopeless. Not a WWE creative person, but an actual full fledged writer.

So, I opened up the first page, and here are the first three panels that begin to give you an idea of what is happening…

WWE Comic Books

Okay, so Dean Ambrose & Sasha Banks are apparently in the forest fighting the Wyatt family.There is guns, flamethrowers, and car chases? What…on…earth? This is not at all what I was expecting, but its kind of fun, kind of dumb. Just like WWE. I dig it!

Apparently, our hero, The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose, is on a quest for the WWE Money in the Bank Briefcase. The briefcase in WWE gives you a heavyweight title match anytime you want.

WWE Comic Books Get Even Weirder and More Amazing

So, in this comic book, WWE has to engage in full on Mad Max style of combat against Bray Wyatt in some sort of Tractor Pull chase. Hey, maybe Dennis Hopeless should be a writer for WWE Creative Team? Cause that would be amazing…

WWE Comic Books


At one point, Sasha Banks then gets interrupted by her long time nemesis, Charlotte Flair (along with her companion, Dana Brooke). Sasha gets tired of their shit and straight up super hero dives out of a moving monster truck onto Charlotte’s vehicle straight into the windshield. HELL TO THE YEAH, MOTHERFUCKERS!

WWE Comic Books

This was my initial reaction to the this panel of the book, I gotta admit..

Chris Pratt

They fend off the Wyatt Family and Charlotte and are are rescued by Bayley. She apparently drives a very small cute car and is really talkative like a child. Hmm…I wonder where they picked up this character from? Oh yeah…


Yeah, I don’t see where the writers are getting that character from?

Money in the Bank, Baby

So going back to the story, Dean heads to the arena for some Money in the Bank action…but he is stopped by Brock Lesnar because “reasons.”

“Who is Brock Lesnar?” you might be asking. Well, here is the giant monster of a man who also happens to shriek like a pterodactyl for some reason…

Dean outsmarts Brock Lesnar and then heads to the ring for Money in the Bank. Now, a Money in the Bank match is a ladder match. Dennis Hopeless actually explains the psychology behind why wrestlers climb ladders so slow in these types of matches. It is kind of brilliant…

WWE Comic Books

Finally, there you have it people, an explanation for something that has always seemed kind of silly in hindsight. Thank you WWE Comic Books!

Now, if you never watched WWE Money in the Bank 2016 and don’t know who won this match, I won’t spoil what happens next.

In Conclusion

Believe me, that is not all in this book. There is also a backup story with The Undertaker and it is somehow even more bizarre. HELL YEAH! But, if you want to read it, you gotta go to your local comic book shop, and have them add the series to your pull list like I’m going to. Of course, you can order online (always more expensive for single issues)… or you can be one of those people who goes digital and get it from Comixology if you’re trying to save space in your home.

Of course, if you’re in the Peoria, IL metro area, go down to Zeek’s Comics & Games. You can also follow the Zeekster on Facebook. You won’t regret it.

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