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7 Comic Panels that Are Absolute Bonkers

Welcome to a comic book listicle. Last time we covered Comic Book Covers. We also covered a WWE Comic in the past that you should definitely check out. In this listicle, we cover some comic panels that are just bonkers. Granted, most of these have no context (which helps). In some cases, I’m not sure context would make things better.


Hey! I use that explanation sometimes but usually not for this reason…



I’m pretty sure this is not what the lady meant when she asked him to pork her…


Another One of the Golden Archie Comic Panels

Archie Comics have certainly had some moments. In this one, I honestly don’t want to know what the hell this is about Reggie. This is between him, Ferdinand, and a confused cow. But hey, I am not one to judge what Reggie and Ferdinand do in their spare time as long as they aren’t harming anyone.


Perhaps Too Much Information?

Hey, you do whatever you gotta to feel beautiful but maybe not while other people are eating?

I don’t think if my son just randomly said this, my honest reaction would be…

Carnage: My Favorite Super Hero

Carnage being a superhero was the best thing to come out of an otherwise clusterfuck of a Marvel AXIS Storyline. Case in point…

Can’t rob a bank if its on fire…



On Today’s Episode of Superman is a Dick

You may not know this, but back in the day, Superman was often a dick. I covered this a lot in the comic covers blog. Here is another good one…

comic panels

I’m Here for Two Reasons

Oh man, not only in this comic panel has Hellboy been drinking with skeletons, he’s drinking straight Rum out of a bottled that is literally just labeled “Rum.” So you know it is the good stuff!

Well, that is the 7 for today but keep on the lookout and send in ones you like or any suggestions of ones you like.

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