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Thoughts on The Evolution of Coolio and More

Welcome to the 14th edition of Would You Like Fries With That? Here I put my musings that don’t make full fledged blogs. This one we have two for you but they are a bit longer, but just not 300 words-long enough. I talk about two very opposite ends of the music spectrum… Coolio and REO Speedwagon.

The Evolution of Coolio

You know, the other day, I put on a little Weird Al Yankovich. He is a brilliant satirist. One of my favorite songs of my youth was the song Amish Paradise. I recall when the artist, he parodied, Coolio, claims he never gave him permission to do the parody, and that he was offended.

Funny thing is, Amish Paradise had a bit more staying power than Coolio’s hit, which is amazing. So I decided to Google and see what Coolio was up to…

Apparently him & adult film star Cherie Deville are claiming that they are running for President in 2020. I even found a campaign picture. Ok…so here we go…

So in this picture you have a fame whore, desperate for any kind of attention that they will receive, do anything for money, and will do anything to be famous. Also in this picture you have adult film star, Cherie Deville.

REO Speedwagon Show

The other day I saw REO Speedwagon show. As you know from some of my past blogs like the one about Kip Winger, I love the 80s.

REO killed it. However, the crowd… wow, apparently when “It’s Time For Me to Fly” is played all of the 50+ year old white people in the area stampede over to that spot.

What I am saying is, man, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a large gathering of old white people who can’t dance.

Now I’ve been never been to Caucasia,,, but I imagine the dance from the motherland is something like this…

Also, apparently, the baby boomers get completely wasted at concerts. I have noticed this as a recurring theme from other concerts I’ve been to with baby boomers. I mean, beer costs $9 dollars a bottle for Bud fucking Lite, if you are lucky. Still, you wouldn’t know it by how many beers they keep going back for. Now, hey, I am not one to judge someone for getting drunk once in awhile. However, the sheer price of crappy beer, and the fact you may blackout and not remember a concert which you paid money to see, it just seems a little crazy to me. If that’s your thing and you have no regrets, then knock yourself out.

In the mean time, let me just keep on loving you!

By the way, speaking of 80s acts, do you ever think sleep doctors ever go “Damn that talented 80s rock group for ruining half of my conversations with patients! Damn you R.E.M!”


Woman shouted ‘If you can’t beat them, eat them’ after biting detective

A young woman shouted “If you can’t beat them, eat them” after she bit a detective in a Garda station.

Megan McQuaide (18) was arrested after she was involved in a traffic accident in Barnesmore, Co Donegal, on June 24th.



Featuring Limp Bizkit!


Best of Bobby Heenan

R.I.P Bobby Heenan! You were one of the greats!

Well, that is it for this nostalgia themed blog. Till next time! Stay legendary!

Richie “No-T” Jackson

P.S. Would You Like Fries With That?

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