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The Term Preorder & Sandwiches – Would You Like Fries With That? XV

Welcome to Would You Like Fries With That? Number 15. I have two short bits but I think they are great along with some strange stories, meme, and a video. I discuss the term preorder and spring forward a full on defense of sandwiches from being used in sexism.

“Preorder it Now”

Okay, I hate to imitate my favorite comedian of all time, but lets discuss the shopping industry buzzword “Preorder.”

You technically can’t preorder anything. The concept of ordering something is to put in a request and they will give it to you when its available. That is exactly what ordering something before the release date is. It wasn’t available. You ordered it. They shipped it. Now you have it. Hence, you ordered it. Just like any other order.

You can’t order something before you order it (“pre-order”). That’s just silly nonsense. It is all an effort by the tech and entertainment industry to get you to dig out those credit cards to spend on bullshit we didn’t really need in the first place (of which I’m guilty of myself, admittedly).

R.I.P. George Carlin

In Defense of Sandwiches

I, for one, love a good sandwich. Unfortunately, they’ve been associated with a bad trend with sexists. Many times, male chauvinists will make jokes about how women need to go make them a sandwich.

Now, it is your choice whether you find this funny or whether you choose to adhere to such beliefs about women. However, for a guy like me in a relationship where Mrs. J and I split the sandwich making duties approximately 50/50, I say this…


They did nothing, and they are freaking delicious and you are ruining the fun of this awesome basic building block of lunch.

Also, let us face it. It is really not that hard to make a basic sandwich. If you are able bodied and need your lady to make you a sandwich on demand, then you don’t have a wife or a girlfriend. You have a mom. Oedipus be damned…


Canada set to remove drunk canoeing as an impaired driving offense

Knocking back a few brews and taking the canoe out for a paddle is still a terrible idea, but it may no longer run you the risk of having your driver’s licence suspended and car impounded.

As the federal government moves to tighten impaired driving laws ahead of the legalization of marijuana, it’s also clearing up a grey area in the Criminal Code that has seen police hand out drunk driving charges to tipsy canoeists. READ MORE…



Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #11

Well, that does it for this edition. As always, stay legendary, my friends!

Richie “No-T” Jackson

P.S. Would You Like Fries With That?

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