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Wally World With the Greatest Music Video Of My Generation

Ladies and gentlemen, I have stumbled upon a genius music video from the very of bowels of the YouTubes and interwebs. The band is called Wally World….

No…. we are not talking about some classic Chevy Chase shenanigans. We are talking about this Wally World…

Here are three members of Wally World. They are fronted by the guy in the middle, whose name is Wally Passet.

Now the guy on the right? He looks to be about 3 steps from going full Guy Fierri and welcoming us to flavor town.

Wally World – Raise Some Kaine

This band from Encinitas, California has an amazing music video called “Raise Some Kaine.”

They start off talking about raising some ruckus, and possible hell… but settle on Kaine? What in the blue hell is Kaine? Are they talking about 2016 Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine? Is this a Hillary Clinton campaign video? Because even most Hillary voters would like to forget about raising some Kaine…

Guys, I Googled Kaine and it has no meaning from what I can tell in my 7 minutes of research. Even Urban Dictionary’s definitions didn’t seem very conclusive. I may have to dig deeper but my initial impressions are that they literally made up a word. WHY?!

I’m guessing, to them, raising some Kaine has something to do with fending off Anakin Skywalker since this video takes place on sand…

Anakin Skywalker

The Song

The song is well… some people call it catchy. For whatever reason, it gets really mellow in the middle, and goes almost full 1960s flower power music. Frequent contributor in the past, Kalaab, had this to say…

I like the emotional breakdown in the middle. It really made the weak-as-piss guitar work hit harder. Also, I feel like I’ve seen a top hat-wearing rock god with a Les Paul somewhere before, in some hack band called Guns ‘n… something, I can’t remember.

Anyway, I’m sure this guy raises a lot of kain or whatever in his nursing home. Seriously dude, put a fucking shirt on.”

Yes… I agree, Kalaab, unless your name is Iggy Pop, you should probably keep your shirt on.

The Truth is Creepier Than You Imagine…

I did some further research on the group Wally World. The lead vocalist has been performing rock for around 30 to 40 years in the Encinitas, California area. He originally did something similar to Foreigner.

Now the mysterious girl wearing a Carmen Sandiego coat and a bikini that kind of moves uncomfortably? According to the San Diego Reader, she is the niece of the lead vocalist…

WHAAAAT???! That’s fucked up

My brain imploded. I’m a Game of Thrones fan too, and I will quote one scene for you Mr. Passet that sums this up very nicely.


Also? Did anyone notice the boombox? Does the band need to hear the song to play along? Is that normal when performing music or recording music videos? SOMEONE TELL ME!

Is this the greatest music video of our generation? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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