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Classic Comic Reviews: Amazing Adventures 1 (Marvel Comics)

I love Comic Books. I’ve covered them in the past be whether they are classic panels, covers, or amazing stories involving WWE. Well, today I got notified that I have some credit on Comixology. I normally don’t do many digital comics unless its out of print, etc…. and this amazing cover caught my attention. It is Amazing Adventures 1 by Marvel Comics. It is great art by the legendary Jack Kirby, don’t get me wrong, but who wrote the dialog?

Amazing Adventures 1

Geez, where could Torr be? Also, be sure to shout the word “QUIET!!!” really loud so Torr can’t hear you because there is certainly no way he is going to spot you from where he is at in this frame. Just absolutely no way at all.

I like the line “Torr can!” because my brain immediately goes to this Willy Wonka parody from The Simpsons called “The Garbage Man Can.”

Also, I’ve saved the best line from Amazing Adventures 1 cover for last…

“It’s impossible! Nothing can be so huge!!”

Hold on…. I got a gif for that…

The Story of Torr in Amazing Adventures 1


So we start off but cutting a flashback of a man… at a trial… what is he on trial for?


He is on the stand and will not speak up on his defense. Why? Because the world must not know the truth of… TORR!!

Okay, if I was a defense lawyer, I would not have this man on the stand. You have the right not to self incriminate. Going up on the stand and saying nothing in your defense, I say this also admitting that I know very little about lawyering in general. However, this just seems like a piss poor strategy, mate. Just sayin is all…

We go back to the origin. They are at some sort of space observatory and they realize that a UFO is flying on radar. The ship lands and it is… A MONSTER!!

So does the door hold? The tension mounts until literally the next fucking panel…

Of course the door doesn’t fucking hold? Does the door ever hold in the history of fiction? Nobody has ever ended a story with “So the door held and everyone was safe.”

Damn, Torr is telepathic and can spit thoughts back out at English. Or at least that is what everyone is assuming? Have these two bozos not seen Mars Attacks… don’t release the dove just yet!


Torr also wears pants which is a bit amusing. I guess Torr needs to to cover his or her alien genitals. While Torr doesn’t subject these peoples to an alien dong, Torr does give them hallucinations for some reason…

WAIT A MINUTE?! Is that freaking Ursula in a 1961 Horror comic?


You will just have to read the rest of the comic over on other services such as Comixology as that is all I am going to spoil you on here! You might even be able pick it up via physical copy at your local shop or comic con. Good luck folks and remember the power of TORR!

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