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A Semi-Accurate Dirty Dancing Review

Last month, I attended a drive in theater playing of Dirty Dancing. It was a great experience and even had some classic intermission advertisements. However, seeing this movie, I completely had no idea what was happening when I was watching this film as a kid. So I will break down Dirty Dancing for you as I now see it as a full grown adult…

Dirty Dancing and Gender Equality

Come watch a movie make commentary on complex social issues such as gender equality. How women get treated like property be it whether they are the role of the wife or a daughter. Learn the evolution of issues like Roe vs. Wade and how important that decision was for us as citizens in one tiny sanitized example of a world without it.

Also, come see the sweet sweet dance moves from the hunka hunka burning love Patrick Swayze as he plays the protagonist with the best name in the history of cinema, Johnny Castle.

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing and Incoming Equality

Come see Dirty Dancing and discuss popular issues such a income equality. Where the upper class treats the lower class like lesser people. Where the rich literally go live in paradise at some sort of country club retreat-type deal while the help has dirt floors and cots with no climate control.

Also, listen to that man with dimples and beautiful brown eyes serenade the ladies with his voice in “She’s Like the Wind.”

Dirty Dancing and Sexuality

You must watch Dirty Dancing discuss how we as a society repress our sexuality sometimes to the point to where it is toxic and unhealthy. To the point where there may or may not be an underground orgy in this film. I’m not saying there was one visible but you know that was definitely going on. How men are told to be players and given no social tools to turn a woman down when she is “throwing herself at you” (Hey! Johnny Castle! This pattern of behavior is obviously getting to you emotionally. Just say no, man!) However, on the flip side, women can’t be sluts and must repress that. You see the double standard collide in a 1980s dance film for some reason.

Also, come see that beautiful man, Patrick Swayze, make gyrating his hips in an unnatural fashion seem totally natural perking the interest of the ladies and possibly even some of the gents (amirite?).

Dirty Dancing As a Coming of Age Tale

Witness a coming of age story as Jennifer Grey plays a very naive young girl literally named “Baby” with aspirations of working with the peace corps grow into a very naive young woman with aspirations of… being a professional dancer? Well, this was an 80s Dance Film so that matches up.

Then bare witness as our handsome man Johnny Castle stand up to future ex-Father-in-Law in one defining moment of the film in one of the most quotable lines in cinema history…

There you have it… DIRTY DANCING!

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