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Facebook Advertisement Fails and a Win

I get some weird advertisements on my Facebook feed. I have covered some Facebook Advertisement Fails before. I am back with a second round including WWE superstar The Undertaker. However, at the end, we have what may or may not be a win (I think it is a win).

Facebook Advertisement Fail: The Beard Club

Facebook advertisement fail

I’m sorry, but this clearly just a man wearing a fake beard in the 2nd pic. No doubt about it. They didn’t even try to match the model’s salt and pepper hair color at all. Come on, guys! I don’t think there’s a healthy option for making your beard grow, just like other parts of the male anatomy.

More Roman Reigns!

Now, if you have followed my blog before, you know I am a fan of WWE. I covered their comic books. I even had a blast in Chicago at WWE Backlash weekend. So, as a longtime hardcore WWE fan, I get advertisements like this…

Roman Reigns that is quite possibly my least favorite wrestler at the moment. Yet, he still pops up in my Facebook feed in the form of advertisements… WHY?! And why would anyone wear this awful awful shirt. Even if they swapped out Roman Reigns for, say, AJ Styles, I still wouldn’t buy this hot garbage. It looks like they threw it together in Photoshop in 15 minutes.


Okay okay… so this is The Undertaker…


Can you show me where in all 4 incarnations of the WWE Character The Undertaker where you see a fucking pumpkin?! If you are a longtime fan like I am who have followed all 25+ years of this character, where there was a pumpkin? Seriously, who dreams up this shit and thinks this will sell?

Facebook Advertising WIN: Squatty Potty

In the following Facebook advertisement video they went all out for what is essentially a place to prop your feet while you conduct your business. I was very impressed, even though it is ridiculous and borderline gross.

As I said, I will give credit where credit is due, I’m almost convinced to throw down $25 for a bathroom foot stool. Nice job guys!

Do you think this one was a win or too much? Let us know in the comments and on social media!

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