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The Greatest Facebook Page of All Time

Let us face it folks. Social media is constantly letting us down. Whether it is lynch mobs on real news stories, the spreading of fake news, or THE DAMN COMMENT SECTION, it always is depressing. However, there is one Facebook page that I can count on every day that doesn’t let me down. The Same Photo of Jeff Goldblum Every Day

This Facebook page always promises one thing and one thing only… this picture of Jeff Goldblum, every single day…

They do not post anything controversial. Jeff Goldblum does not spread false information or anything offensive. Just this sweet sweet image of Jeff Goldblum.

The Greatest Comment Section on the Internet

“Yeah Richie, the posts are great, but the comment section of the internet is always the worst.”

I beg to differ. You see The Same Picture of Jeff Goldblum Everyday provides the same comments every day too, which are amazing.

Take for instance, Gareth…

Who is Gareth? Why is he on a rollercoaster? Why do different people post his picture every day on the same photo of Jeff Goldblum? These are questions you don’t need to ask at all because Gareth never lets you down just like that picture of Goldblum never lets you down. AMAZING!

Then you look at this comment that is there every day…

Who wouldn’t want a godlike Jeff Goldblum bestowing his greatness on one of the greatest animals on the planet, a labrador? Lets face it, Jeff Goldblum, for now, he is God like… you might say…GOLD-LIKE.

But it does gets better…

Jeff Goldblum at his utmost sexiest in Jurassic Park. DRINK IT IN, MAAAN!!! While also a cute dog bestowing its godlike greatness on the godlike, Goldblum.

More Reasons to Follow Jeff Goldblum Greatness

First of all, you can visit the Photo Gallery on this Facebook page…

As you can see, the gallery just keeps getting bigger and better!


314,670 follow this page as of this moment, approximately, 3,000 people are FREAKING QUITTERS. Why would you unfollow this? Did Jeff not live up to your expectations? Because according to Rotten Tomatoes, he almost always lives up to expectations in one thing, being Jeff Goldblum.

Now one more time for you…

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