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6 Wild Comic Book Excerpts Including Alfred Pennyworth and More!

It is time for our 3rd edition of Comic Book Excerpts that make you go “Huh?” See the 1st one here and the second one here. We have 6 of them today including one with Alfred Pennyworth from Batman. Enjoy! Of course, we welcome submissions on our social media.

All You Need is Love

Clearly, our zombie friend is singing easily the most Death Metal love song that has ever existed. Someone forward this panel to Corpsegrinder of Cannibal Corpse right now!

Alfred Pennyworth is So Sick of Batman’s Shit

Alfred Pennyworth

Well, in fairness, there have been close to 1000 issues of the initial Batman series Detective Comics, and thousands of other adventures in addition to that. Plus movies, TV shows, video games, and several other iterations. There is close to 8 or so decades of Batman. You might want to consider moving to a nice condo in Florida or something, Alfred.

When you aren’t speaking in metaphors…

Not an inner demon, but a real demon which is so evil, he has his ear pierced! OH THE HORROR!

10 out of 10 … Can Relate

There has never been a comic panel that pretty much summed up my generation more than this. That’s of course, unless you bring in one of these good boys…

Things That Make You Go “Huh?”

Either he is making the grand insult here of my uncle loving pickles, which in case, I tell my Uncle “Hey, everyone has their own tastes… you be you, dude” or this is some sort of weird homophobic insult about my uncle, which in case I tell my Uncle “Hey, everyone has their own tastes… you be you, dude.”

It is an older comic so maybe this meant something years ago. I don’t know.

Your Mother Was a Hamster…

Honestly, I am the same way with my cat. If you upset my cat, I will bring you down.

I mean, just look at my cat, Spyder-Cat, in an empty comic book box, nonetheless…


This one has left me pretty speechless. I am not even sure what I could say that can touch on its brilliance.

Well, that is it for today. If you have any you would like to submit, let us know in the comments or on social media. Thank you!

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