Times to be Thankful For a Cat

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the one thing I am thankful for, THE CAT. Okay, let us face it. Cats run the house and we are just their guests. Don’t you hate it when your pet gets settled on your lap and now you feel bad if you have to move? This is pretty much me every night. Who says these furballs of love are assholes? Okay, they might be, but I earned the love of mine.

Basically, Harry Potter nailed how I behave around kitties…

Now in the past we have had some memes from caption contests, and then another time we had memes with a little Nickelback thrown in. This time, however, is a different direction I hope you can appreciate as we get our cat section on Geek With That together.

Here are some adorable kitties for you….

Best Book Ever

Sure, one could get lost in a book really easily, but why not enhance the experience with a kitty? HELL TO THE YEAH!

Ummm…Excuse Me

I think this kitten has something important to say. We should definitely pay this little loveable furball some attention right now!

Sing a Lullaby

Okay, this is my reaction to the adorableness. I just want to sing soft kitty to this very soft kitty.


Cooperative Cat Rides

Okay, this little bundle of joy is much much more cooperative for this cat ride than any single time I’ve ever taken a cat on a ride. Bravo brave kitty!

Kitty Cuddles

Who isn’t thankful for a kitty cuddle? Look at this cat. Don’t you just want to never move ever!


Okay, this cat is all like “SAYYYYYY WHAAAAAATTT???” Like you made a weird noise to it. Very inquisitive. Good kitten. 11 out of 10.

Hopeful Cat

This kitten looks so hopeful. Thank goodness it doesn’t know the craziness going on in the world right now. It just knows its hooman is to take care of him/her.

My Cat Has to be Included

Finally, here is my cat, The Amazing Spyder-Cat, in an empty comic book storage box.

cat in a box

By the way, what do I do to coax my kitty out when she is hiding? Why with the sweet sweet voice of Corey Taylor from Stone Sour. I play this song, it usually gets her to come lay on my lap.

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