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Nintendo is Way Too Optimistic in Their Advertising

I have a Nintendo Switch. I love it. Zelda and Mario are the big sellers plus it has a decent selection of downloadable content and some actually halfway decent 3rd party games like Sonic Mania. Usually the quality of portable games do not match the quality of home console or PC games. This is the one system that marries the two together. I dig it.

However, I feel like I need to point out something that bothers me about Nintendo. No, it is not the lack of power in its system or gimmicks. It is their overly optimistic approach to advertisements and social media…

The Mother of Optimistic Nintendo Switch Advertisements… 1-2 Switch!

As a launch game and Nintendo’s attempt at recreating the magic from the Wii Sports launch, Nintendo unveiled 1-2 Switch.

Seriously, these people look WAY too sober to be enjoying a game that is honestly this awful. I have played 1-2 Switch. It is confusing, and just not really fun. The game is way too optimistic about bringing people together in this advertisement. A game where you are not supposed to look at the screen and look at each other in the eye. I mean, that is a whole lotta eye contact to the point where it could become uncomfortable.

In the trailer when the Switch is in the kickstand mode. Like who takes this awful awful game on the go and goes “Let’s throw down some 1-2 Switch baby. I can’t go one minute without dueling guns. It worked out so great for Alexander Hamilton.”


Holiday 2017 Ad

I got to hand it to Nintendo, they really think people who play video games players behave like this. Families gathered around the TV bonding over FIFA Soccer. What weird alternate reality is this? The parents aren’t getting loaded up on beer while the kid is distracted. They made it a wholesome experience instead. Damn you Nintendo and your whole unrealistic approach to life!

I also love the shot where the lady and the gentleman are playing Mario Kart. They laugh off who wins. I can tell you, the reaction in a game like Mario Kart is really like…

Don’t even get me started on the blue shell.

Not to mention that it is all of these really upbeat sociable people. Like they are wayyy too cool for school. Oh how I miss the days of video game parties and local multiplayer too, Nintendo. I want to bring those days back too but you are doing it wrong.

However, these two random fellows are doing it right…

Nintendo and Social Media Posts

Look at this picture they posted on Facebook

Nintendo Switch

Yeah, how about we don’t put a 300+ dollar device in the freaking dirt and leaves? This is just a bad idea. I get it is portable but this is why parents are always complaining about how they can’t have nice things. Don’t leave your device in the leaves.

Isn’t Nintendo always protective of the kids? I mean, if I were a parent, I’d be pissed if my kid had this expensive device in the dirt, let alone that Nintendo gave them the idea.

I mean, this is Nintendo. We still don’t have a solid voice chat system because of 13 year olds on Xbox calling me racial slurs and also telling me my mother is a very popular person among that age group for relations.

Also, do they expect you to go to the forest and play Zelda or something? Does anyone do that? Very imaginative Nintendo… I guess it worked for a solid 15 minutes with Pokemon Go.


In conclusion, if you want the best Zelda or Mario game to be played either on the toilet or in the living room, the Nintendo Switch is for you. Pick it up today. Just avoid 1-2 Switch and cringe through some of their ads as they give you unrealistic expectations.


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