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6 Bizarre Star Wars Products That Make You Go “Wow”

Star Wars has definitely a far reaching fandom for the past 40-ish years. So today, we are taking a look at some bizarre Star Wars Products that have been released over the years. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea to release these products?

All month long on Geek With That up to the premiere of Episode VIII, we are having The Last Jedi Month here. Keep checking back for more content!

The Most Divisive Character in Star Wars History

Probably the most hated character is Jar Jar Binks. There are all kinds of theories about him but the bottom line is that George Lucas really missed the mark on this one as far as I am concerned. And the merchandise?

I am sure somebody somewhere wants this, but those people are probably the ones reading Jar Jar Binks/Obi Wan slash fan fiction on some deep dark corner of┬áRule 34 of the internet. I don’t judge about slash fiction part, but damn, I really hated Jar Jar.

Only Pisces Will Get This Bizarre Star Wars Product

What product could possibly be more random than this?

Okay, I’m pretty sure they just took random characters and assigned a Zodiac to them. There really is no science to this science fiction product. Although, I’m totally a Scorpio and I totally am, like, a Darth Maul at the core of my heart, mmm…kay?

Both Divisive and Celebrated… Here is Slave Leia

One of the both most divisive and celebrated costumes in Star Wars history is the Slave Leia costume from Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. It has spawned many products. I, of course, won’t include one that is, you know, actually good, instead… see this Bobblehead…

You know, I never really saw the family resemblance between Kylo Ren and Princess Leia until I saw this product. Seriously? What kind of abomination is this? Is this Carrie Fisher or Adam Driver in Slave Leia cosplay?

Possibly Fashion faux Pas or Fashion Win

All kinds of Star Wars fashion items such as shirts, pajamas, and even bikinis… but did you know they make shoes too? And not just any shoes but…


Is this shoe which is generally regarded as awful a win or a lose? Let us know!

I, Like, Can’t Even With This One

Some things really leave me mostly speechless, this C3PO Tape Dispenser is one of them…

Who dreampt up this one? Poor C3PO, he just wants people to be diplomatic, and now he is regulated to dispensing tape and having a frozen expression on his face that can only be described as…

“C3PO Receiving a Brazilian Wax”

bizarre Star Wars

Phallic Imagery

Then we get to this puppy…

Now, I really did not want to say this, but this is definitely some sort of sex toy. Now you’re probably like “But Darth Vader is the Dark Side, and I wanted a Jedi toy.” It is like I always say “Jedi in the streets, Sith in the sheets.”

With this bizarre Star Wars product, you can definitely feel the force.

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