Fun With Bing

Microsoft is the creators of 3 good things… Windows Operating System and the default applications that come with it, the Xbox consoles, and Microsoft Office. That is what they are awesome at (and arguements could probably be made that they aren’t as awesome as they used to be). Instead, rather than Microsoft focus on making 3 things awesome, they continue to try to be the jack of all trades while being the master of none. Such as their competitor to Google and Yahoo, the Bing search engine

Chandler Bing

No, not Chandler Bing from the 1990s hit Sitcom, Friends. I am talking about this thing:

Bing Search Engine

Why Microsoft? Why? You always insist on shoving this search engine as the default for every product you ship. They even resorted to bribing people with points for using their search engines which can be redeemed for Xbox Game Gift CardsĀ  (aka. One of their arguably decent products).

In fairness, let us take a look at Bing. Is it worth using? Am I really just biased towards Google and Google Chrome and Firefox? Lets take this search engine for a test drive in a column I like to call “Fun With Bing”

Image Search

I am sure you can find catfish on a search enginge pretty easily, but what about Fishcat?

Let us Bing Fishcat!

Search Term: “Fishcat”

Okay, that is a damn solid result. It is exactly what I had in mind. So the internet gets a win and so does this search engine everyone likes to hate on.


Search Term: “Dave Coulier”

What about my bae? Mr. Dave Coulier. Star of such shows as Full House as Uncle Joey Gladstone…and… FULLER HOUSE also as Uncle Joey Gladstone! He is also rumored to be the subject of Alanis Morisette’s mid-90s breakout hit, “You Outta Know.” Lets see what this bad boy does?

Dave Coulier Duckface

Look at this sweet sexy pic of my spirit animal and bae, Dave Coulier, giving the sweet and sultry duckface. That is another win with Bing. Hell to the yeah!

Also, look at these odd related photos…

Dave Coulier Related

How about some related photos where most of them are not Dave Coulier? Although, I understand how Ryan Gosling can be easily mixed up ole’ Dave. You just get lost in their ruggedly handsome good looks and that killer smile.

Aspects of The Bing

If there is one thing Microsoft is known for in its products it is.


Not only does this search engine have a killer Image Search, they also have a whole suite of other useless features such as…

“Suggested Trending Search”

Want the latest on the news? Neither do I. 2017 is screwed. We know that already. As if I need up to the minute updates on that. However, Microsoft will insist to shove that all down your face while you try to search for Mac & Cheese Recipes by suggesting random search strings that are trending when you go in the search box. Ummm…yay?

“Image of the Day”

Image of the Day

That’s…ummm…nice? I guess. Not necessary but I guess it could brighten someone’s day if they don’t know how to Google…err… I mean “Bing” nature photography.

Taking the Search Feature for the Real Test with Alf

So I decided to take Bing’s actual overall search for one final test with Alf

Alf in Pog Form

Hide your cats people, because we are Binging it!

Search Term: “Alf”


May your diety bless Alf in all of his glory. It seems to hit all of the results. I didn’t even know you could stream that with a Hulu subscription. Hells to the yeahs, baby!

Nothing really odd here. Its pretty much what you expected. It is almost the same as Google. Wait a minute? What is the result for that video?

Okay… why in the blue hell is this video the number one video search result for Alf? Bing! You were doing so well…. WHY?!?!?!

Richard Pryor

Also, nothing in the results about the rumored movie in development. Just a bunch of generic results.

Send in your results

Has Bing gave you an insane result? Send it my way through social media or the comments. Till next time this is Richie and we have had Fun with Bing.


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