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Funny Comic Book Panels Including Weird Superman

This sort of the fourth in the series of oddball comic book excerpts blog. I just find these randomly on the internet and save them up till we have a blog. It just so happens, this happened a week after the last one.  This one we have a few Superman panels because he has provided us with some great awkward moments of the close to 100 years in existence. It also seemed appropriate with the Justice League movie coming out a couple of weeks ago.

Geez-us Batman

Batman can have some of the greatest comic moments. And then you get moments like this where he is basically 8 years old. He takes his ball and goes home…


Immediately cut to today’s comics and it is just like a plot out of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

In the Words of Cards Against Humanity….


Damn, that is pretty hardcore right there. I’m not a big fan of bees aside from that delicious honey

(BTW… I had to do a quick Google and verify this… that is an actual line from The Bee Movie. No wonder the kids on Tumblr love to roast this movie.)

Vintage Comics Can Be Relatable

Sure some vintage comics seem bizarre how life used to work, but sometimes they hit a moment where things we relate to now have been going on for generations…

Sleep Forever

10 out of 10… Can Relate.

A Good Boy

There is a dog from Krypton called Krypto. He is Superman’s dog. Here is a delightful exchange between the too…

Oh come on Superman! Quit being a dick. Why are you always a dick? The pupper looks so happy. Good doggo. Good boy!

The What Now?


I’m sorry, He’s trying to destroy Superman with the what now?

No Title Fitting Of What You’re About to See

“Mommy, what is Superman doing to Santa Claus?”

That’s a good question. I think I saw a couple videos start out this way once on the internet before, and it had a happy ending, so to speak.

Seriously, I don’t think I’d want a handy from Superman. I’d like to keep my member, thank you.


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