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Revisiting Star Wars – Republic Commando

Recently, Star Wars Battlefront II was released to much controversy with its multiplayer system. With Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi coming out, instead of discussing something negative, I went back into the vault and discussed what I feel is one of the better older Star Wars games, Star Wars – Republic Commando.

We are looking at this as part of our Last Jedi month where we celebrate Star Wars all the way up to around the release of Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.

This game takes place between Star Wars Episode II and III, told from the perspective of Clone Troopers. This is a first person shooter that I feel still holds up very well. Republic Commando provides an excellent single player experience. It has very good balance, responsive controls, and overall great gameplay.

It was released in 2005 and many people call this era of Star Wars games as the “Golden Age of Star Wars games.”

Playing the Beginning of Republic Commando

Here is the first 10 minutes of gameplay….

Considering it was released in 2005, I think it holds up fairly well 12 years later. Let us face it, some of those older first person shooter games have not held up as well. The campaign is fun and the story is pretty good too (especially since its set during the prequel trilogy).

How to Still Play This Game

You can play this on the original Xbox Classic console if you can find the disk and a working console. I advise checking your local used electronics shop, pawn shop, or eBay/Amazon. Also, keep an eye out to see if it ever makes it to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list.

Till this day, you can still buy it on Steam for PC. It only costs $10 and pretty much goes on sale every seasonal sale so keep an eye out for it being $2.49 sometime.

Modern Day Tweaks for PC

There are some settings you may need to tweak to make it look a little nicer on modern PCs. For instance, you might want to get it to run at least in 1080p

1. In Explorer, Go to: Steam > Steamapps > Common > star wars republic commando > GameData > save > system.ini

2. For now, right click on it, select “Properties”, and uncheck “read only”. This way the file can save.

3. Open system.ini and under [WinDrv.WindowsClient], change:

4. Save

5. Re-check “read only”

Playing an Older Game

Now I recently played this… and the experience was still great. However, there are some things I should warn to those who are accustomed to first person shooter campaigns like Call of Duty or the modern day Battlefield games.

It does not necessarily hold your hand like most modern games. There’s no guy you have to follow. Waypoints aren’t entirely clear sometimes. You just have to figure out some puzzles for yourself.

There is no instant healing. You have a health bar that you have to manage. You can’t just run in guns blazing all the time and get respawned from 30 seconds ago as check points aren’t as regular as say a game like EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II single player. It is just a good old school first person shooter.

….And get this shit!, $9.99 gets you… the entire freaking game. You don’t have to spend $50 for expansion packs. You don’t have to hit a wall in the game and pay $5 to get the item you need to advance. It is literally the whole video game.

In Conclusion

So with today’s video game era of loot boxes and extraneously unnecessary DLC, there are still plenty of gems you may not have played from the forgotten era that still deliver a satisfying experience. I highly recommend Republic Commando as one of them.


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