There is Some Star Wars Manga, and It is Pretty Cool…

I asked myself this question, “I wonder if there is Star Wars Manga?” Well, I went and scoured the internet and found there is a very small selection of Manga that is adapted from the screenplay of the first 4 Star Wars movies that were released. (Episodes 4 to 6, and Episode 1). Today, I take a look at Volume 1 of Episode 4 – A New Hope.

Star Wars Manga

Now this article assumes a few things:

  1. You’ve seen all Star Wars movies up till Rogue One. If not, you probably don’t want to start with Manga.
  2. You’ve seen A New Hope at least 10 times as I will not recap the story but also not avoid spoilers either.
  3. This is arranged left to right instead of the usual right to left Manga style, so some of the scenes may be mirrored from the movie.

We are looking at this as part of our Last Jedi month where we celebrate Star Wars all the way up to around the release of Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.

Recap of the Star Wars Manga

First of all… look at the sound effects for the blasters. Apparently it is Zitt and Zat! AWESOME!

Seriously? Why not Pew Pew Pew?

Next we meet Princess Leia. I think this a pretty damn cool interpretation of Leia, to be honest.

Darth Vader comes in as his charming self. How is he supposed to answer if you’re choking him???

Can’t you believe it took almost 30 years to top this Darth Vader choking scene?


She mentions the Senate.

Now having seen the prequels, whenever I hear Star Wars and Senate, I will always think of this line…

Introducing Luke Skywalker

The droids escape and Luke runs into them at the Jawa droid scrap thingy dealership (it was never made clear).



Then after bringing the droids back, here is the cool interpretation of this classic moment…

I don’t recall this scene, but it looks pretty damn amazing!

Obi-Wan and the Light Saber

We meet up with Obi-Wan,  they get the message. Then he checks out the Light Saber, which apparently has a FASH sound effect because reasons…

Ahh, here is this classic line…

We even get some Anime/Manga quirkiness with overreactions!

Finally, we conclude with the ambigious scene between Father and Daughter on the Death Star…

In Conclusion

So in conclusion, if you like a book adaptation of the first 4 films with some unique art, but doesn’t really stray away from the source material at all, definitely check out the Manga. They are available on Marvel Unlimited to members and available to purchase on Comixology.

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