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10 Epic Star Wars Cosplay Photos

Here is it, to wrap up The Last Jedi Month as tonight, people all over the world will be seeing Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. So, I want to hit you with some epic Star Wars Cosplay photos from some of my favorite cosplayers. I have also found some other awesome ones in which I have scoured all over the internet.

I have done my best to credit as many people as people and give you the links necessary so you can find more of their work and support the incredible thankless work they do.

We are looking at this as part of our Last Jedi month where we celebrate Star Wars all the way up to around the release of Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.

Nicole Marie Jean as Han Solo

Star Wars Cosplay

Nicole Marie Jean is a highly recognized model, designer, and cosplayer. Here she is doing an awesome Han Solo for a great Star Wars Cosplay. She has a great Patreon which you can get regular content from her at almost any level donated.

You can find her at the following links.

Ivy Doomkitty as Kylo Ren

Ivy is an International Costumer/Cosplayer, Host, Artist, Gamer, and Figure Model for comic book artist/writer, Frank Cho, based in Los Angeles. Not to mention she is also involved in her local animal charity, Kitt Crusaders, where she helps out kitties. Cats rule the world, or so I hear. I personally met her at C2E2 in 2017 and it was probably the highlight of the weekend because she was so kind to my wife and I.

You can find her at the following links:

Ivy Doomkitty’s Store

Sheila from Aicosu Cosplay as Rey

Sheila is one half of the cosplay duo, Aicosu Cosplay. They are doing this couple thing right with their clever couples cosplays. Check them out:

Saphira Cosplay as Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels

Here is all the way from Portugal, Saphira as Star Wars Rebels character Sabine Wren. She is affiliated with Geek and Artsy and sells lots of crafts in addition to putting on some impressive cosplays.

Unknown Cosplayers but Awesome Cosplay

I don’t know who these people are. If you can help identify them I will gladly update this post.

Darth Maul

This Darth Maul is awesome. It was taken at San Diego Comic Con by Photographer Pat Loika. If anyone can tell me identify who this is, that’d be great. Otherwise, check out Pat’s Photography and artwork on Flickr. He has some amazing stuff.


I found this Finn on Pinterest with the credit of JJGriffin. Scoured all over Google and even, ugh, Bing, and found nothing. Please help me.

Animal Star Wars Cosplay

Okay, I know animals probably shouldn’t count, but I’m sorry not sorry, I love animals as do many of the cosplayers in this list.

Adorable Princess Leia kitty

Arya the Corgi as X-Wing Pilot

Okay, who doesn’t love Corgis? I’m sorry, the most adorable dog ever. This celebrity dog is cosplaying as an X-Wing pilot. I’d trust her to take care of the Death Star. Check out more of her on her Instagram.

Crossover Cosplay

Then there are some clever Crossover Mashup Cosplays. I always dig the creativity that goes into these.

Ashlynne Rae as Princess Elsa Fett

This appears to be a mashup of Princess Elsa from Frozen and Boba Fett.

Ashlynne was a seamstress for over 10 years and is now a very talented Cosplayer and loves it. You can check her out at these links:

I also want to note the Photographer, York in a Box. York in a Box has some excellent work I found on York’s Facebook page.

Hendo Art as Trooper Lightyear

Finally, this is a very clever mashup of a Stormtrooper and Buzz Lightyear. Heck to the yeah!

Hendo Art has been cosplaying for a few years and is doing some great work. Check her out at:

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