Wild Comic Panels Including Wonder Woman

Comic Book panels are one of my favorite things. In this edition of this column, we have several including a few from one of the biggest heroes of the year, Wonder Woman. If you find any, let us know in the comments or on social media.

Truer Words Were Never Spoken

When you’re in the mall at holiday shopping time…

I feel you, man.

Wonder Woman Panel That Does Tell the Whole Story

Most of my comic panels I’ve featured don’t tell any of the story, but this one, I’m pretty sure you can fill in the blanks before and after this panel.

Aww damn, man…

An Everyday Predicament…

Now who can’t relate to this every day problem?

Oh Superman

Apparently inhabiting the body of Superman in this comic is the spirit of one Tobias Fuenke from Arrested Development.

The Borderline Offensive

Hey now, that is very offensive to stereotype the Irish that way.

(Puts on earplugs so he can go hang out with his Irish in-laws)

No Penetration

Wonder Woman

Wow, when did Justice League become really bad slam poetry written by hipsters? I feel like I need to at least have a really expensive latte in my hand first before I hear the rest.

Wonder Woman Explains Time Travel

Wonder Woman

Don’t you hate when you’re squeezing it and it doesn’t fire? Oh, I mean a gun, of course.

I saw people saying comments on this on the web, Reddits, Facebooks, etc all like “That’s not how time travel works.”

Ummm… time travel isn’t a thing either, so…



10 out of 10, can relate. Me too dude, me too…

You Know, He Has a Point

How could he be directing anybody with no eyes? He’s literally just has a brain on his neck. THINK LADY! THINK!

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