5 Weird Black Metal Music Videos

Black Metal gets a bad reputation sometimes. It is sometimes unclear what they are going for in their work, and there is some genius in that.

The early music videos for the genre, were just, plain ridiculous. Whether it is bad or not is subjective to the viewer, but they are bizarre. Here are 5 of my favorite Black Metal videos to watch at a party.

Hecate Enthroned – An Ode From a Haunted Woods

This is a weird one. The frontman, I presume, of Hecate Enthroned starts of by Vogue-ing for some reason…

Black Metal

Then they show that they are doing some sort of ritual. You know how? They got dry ice coming out of a cup! OH MY GOD! SOOO METAL!

Then they are walking through a forest. I imagine that if you visit Norway you will want to avoid the forests as they are crawling with Black Metal bands.

The video goes on, and jack all really happens in it. It is just the same shot of the forest and random shots of them worshiping a cup that either has fire or steam coming out of it. From what I understand about Wicca, they just aren’t doing it right at all. Weird video for sure, but mostly because they do a whole lot of nothing for seven freaking minutes.

Satyricon – Mother North

Okay, now we are talking weird! Now, I love Satyricon. They have evolved into a really good band over of the years and their earlier work is good as far as semi-traditional Black Metal goes. But I just don’t know what is going on in this video at all.

However, this still shot is the greatest thing ever! Caption this!

Black Metal

Arckanum – Gava Fran Trulen

Wow, this is terrible on all levels. I’m sorry. That first shot where he is screaming at the camera is brilliant, but then its just downhill from there. Whoever directed this never heard of a thing called lighting.

Fadades – Jurassic Extinction

Beware, there is some genius here!

This is the worst song, the worst computer graphics, and the most ridiculous performance ever. This is some Plan 9 From Outer Space level genius right here. Seriously, what the hell is happening? You think it is a parody, but the comments are disabled on all of his videos. Yes, I said video(s). He has a whole YouTube Channel of these bizarre videos, drink it in, maaaan.

The whole video got me like…

Ancient – Lilith’s Embrace

Finally, we have classic black metal band, Ancient, with the best black metal video ever…

You get this face coming at you most of the video…

He really wants to show you his vampire teeth. I’m guessing the whole video’s budget went to getting those teeth right so he’s gotta show them off. Plus there is a ritual, a lady behaving menacingly, a guitar player wearing some faceless mask… its perfect. Don’t change a thing, Ancient!


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