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Revisiting The Simpsons – Road Rage

I love The Simpsons. At least the first 10 to 13 or so seasons of the show. So naturally, I would want a good Simpsons game. At first, we didn’t habe many good Simpsons games other than the classic Konami Arcade game. Barts vs. Space Mutants and all of those were pretty much awful.

That was until the Playstation 2-GameCube-Xbox Classic aka 6th generation of video games where we got quite a few decent Simpsons games. One of those that I played the heck out of was The Simpsons – Road Rage.

The Simpsons – Road Rage copied almost the exact formula of the classic wacky driving game, Crazy Taxi. Having said that, there was a special charm to this game as it brought in all of the characters, voice actors, and locations from the show.

The Unlockables

There was also a lot of great unlockables. You see, before the era of games with downloadable content, season passes, and microtransactions, during the PS2 generation, you would have to actually play the game to unlock things in the game. They cared more about you playing the game that trying to maximize profits.

The Simpsons – Road Rage utilized this concept of unlocking, just like Jill from Resident Evil is the master of unlocking. Just look at that select screen when you start off. Half of the screen is grayed out.

Let us think about if this game were made today. First of all, that bottom row, at the very least, would be in the season pass. That is for sure. Plus Chief Wiggum would be a pre-order bonus that would later get released as additional transaction.


Here is a brief video of me playing as my favorite character in the game, Grandpa Simpson. Grandpa Simpson goes on wild tangents just like he does in the show.

I loved this game. About the only drawback is that the crashes aren’t quite as spectacular as they are in Crazy Taxi. Now, if you love the craziness of Crazy Taxi and the humor and characters of The Simpsons, you have to check out The Simpsons Road Rage.

Best oddball quote, “back in my day we called sandwiches flat freddies, they cost 4 playing cards a bite!”

How to Still Play The Simpsons – Road Rage

Unfortunately, The Simpsons Road Rage was not released for PC. It was only released for Playstation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and Microsoft Xbox Classic. If you have one of those backward compatible PS3s that still work, lucky you. Play this game. There is a small outside chance it may become compatible for Xbox One but I am not holding my breath on that one. You can still buy it through eBay, Amazon, local used electronics stores and play it on the old systems if you have a working one. A CRT TV is highly recommended too for PS2 or GameCube, unfortunately.

Of course, another way to play it is through an emulator. The legalities are questionable to put it mildly, even if you own a legit copy of the game and are playing a legit backup of the game.

The best emulated version that I have tested is the Nintendo GameCube version on Dolphin. The PS2 version just didn’t quite run right on my i7 6600 GTX 1060 laptop for PCSX2 no matter what recommended configuration I tried. Xbox Classic emulator is currently in development and we probably won’t see progress for sometime.

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