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Review of Salvagers by Robert Salley, from Source Point Press

Today I am discussing the comic book, Salvagers, released by independent comic book publisher Source Point Press, written and created by Robert Salley.

Salvagers Source Point Pressing

Salvagers Summary

Here is the synopsis and concept of the series, Salvagers…

“In the distant future, the habitable planets are connected through the trade of natural and artificial resources. The import and export business is flourishing for some systems, while leaving others at the mercy of major trade corporations.

After the end of the Galactic War, peace blanketed the galaxy; however, planets with little shipping resources turned to piracy or developed small guerilla military units geared to pillage trade ships. This spawned the necessity for trade companies to hire private security contractors for protection.

Even under the security of peacetime, there is no shortage of violence in outer space; from looting raiders, Navy destroyers neutralizing a rebel movement to the simplest space station falling victim to a rogue asteroid.

These destroyed or abandoned ships and stations are classified as “WRECKS.”

Licensed crews are commissioned by governments, empires and corporations to remove these lifeless hulks.

In a hostile galaxy, the risk and reward is high for these crews.

They are known as…SALVAGERS.”

Review of Salvagers

Bill, Tyr, Teagan, and the plucky Brigby take the “high stakes high rewards” risks of looting or “salvaging” ship wrecks in space. However, things don’t go as planned right from the get go. Now they are facing down a gang of murderous androids armed pretty much only with their wits.

The concept is really fun. It is amazing that Robert Salley has really put together this amazing well crafted universe. I can definitely feel this is leading to something bigger.

Also, let us talk about the art. The art and coloring done by George Acevedo and DeSika is outstanding. Here is a small sample of it below.


The one thing I must say is that you never know what to expect from small publishers and independent comic book creators until you take the plunge. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but sometimes, you find something magnificent such as this series.

How to Read the Series and Follow Source Point Press

There are a couple ways you can acquire this book:

Purchase the physical book on StoreEnvy.

Purchase the digital book on Comixology.

The book is also available to read with a subscription to the ComicBlitz service and app which is available for Desktops and Mobile Devices. It is only $7.99 a month for unlimited comics from some of the top independent publishers in the world.

You can also follow the creator, Robert Salley on Twitter

Follow Source Point Press:




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