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The Shepherd by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari and Roberto Molinari from Caliber Comics

Today I am discussing the comic book, The Shepherd, released by independent comic book publisher Caliber Comics, written and co-created by Andrea Lorenzo Molinari and Roberto Molinari.


The Shepherd Summary

Here is the synopsis and concept of the series, The Shepherd…

“After Professor Lawrence Miller’s teenage son Val’s tragic death from a drug overdose, he cannot shake the sense that his son’s soul is lost and wandering between heaven and earth. Grieving and deeply disturbed, he makes a fateful decision to commit suicide, electing to pursue his son into the afterlife. Lawrence’s soul awakens and immediately encounters his deceased father who has arrived to greet him in order to help him transition over.

However, Lawrence rejects his father’s offer, choosing instead to stay in the ‘seam,’ the middle ground between heaven and earth, so that he can find his son and seek retribution. Lawrence embarks on his search for Val, beginning at his son’s grave. But as Lawrence begins to wage a brutal campaign of retribution against those responsible for the drugs that killed Val, his existence becomes a terrifying conflict between his unchecked anger…and his instinctive knowledge that he has lost his own way.”

Review of The Shepherd

It can not be overstated enough, this was an amazing graphic novel. Personally, I have always been fascinated with the main concept of this book in which you are transitioning to the afterlife. It is my thought that Andrea and Roberto present that concept perfectly in this graphic novel. The book also presents is great moral conflict of whether getting revenge is really going to bring you peace or not. I loved this all the way through. Again, it can not be overstated enough.

The art style fits the overall themes of the book. It is solid and does not feel out of place at all. Take a look at a sample page below…

There are 5 chapters collected in this graphic novel and they flow very nicely.

According to Andrea, they are working on a sequel right now. I, for one, can not wait. You must check this book out now. I can not emphatically state this enough.

How to Read the Novel and Follow Social Media

There are a number of ways you can acquire this book both physically and digitally.

The Shepherd on Caliber Press

Purchase the book on Amazon

Purchase a digital copy on Comixology.

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The Shephered on Instagram

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