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10 Bizarre Batman Comic Book Covers

I love vintage comic book covers. Some are just way too bizarre for words. This one we feature 10 old comic book covers featuring Batman or Batman characters that will make you say “Ummm…yeah…”


Now if you’re saying “That’s not a baby. Babies don’t swing around in awful clothes kicking the crap out of everyone and making a mess of things” you obviously aren’t a parent.

Human Fish

What an every day problem when you’re suddenly a fish. Maybe he’s working on becoming Michael Phelps.

I apologize in advance that only Baby Boomers will likely understand this reference, but this is an actual human fish…

Really guys?

GROAAAAANNNN!!!! Dammit, Batgirl deserves better.

Wait a minute, HOLY CRAP, is that guy giving a German Suplex to Robin?

Dick in the Box

I present to you instead of Jack in a box, you got Bruce in a box, and Dick in a box.

She’s a murderer!

It is probably along the lines of that Simpsons episode where they thought Flanders was a mur-didily-urdler and it turned out it was just his plant.


Wow, I think the Batcave has went through the a few redesigns since then. So next time when he reveals his secrets to a grade school classroom, it’ll be a different map.

Mummy Batman

Hey, maybe Batman just misses his mummy.

Giant Batman

Yes, it’ll be a siren they noticed. Not the giant Batman trampling everything in the streets.

Jerry Lewis?

Okay, I admit, I have way more questions than answers here. What in the blue blazes is going on here? Jerry Lewis had a comic?  He’s getting James Bonded by Joker at a health club that he signed up for?



Nothing better than Superman, Robin, and Batman, riding giant phallus’s.


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