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8 Strange Video Game Commercials

It seemed for the longest time that marketing teams did not know how to market video games. The video game commercials on TV were especially strange. Perhaps they were a product of their times, I don’t know. Let us take a look at 8 Strange Video Game Commercials, for better or mostly worse…

Legend of Zelda with Punchable Gamers

Oh my god… make these people just stop. Could you not get any more annoying geek stereotypes than these two? And that rap….just stop. STOP!

Atari Jaguar Doesn’t Know How Games Work

Okay, they may have done the math on bits, but did they do the math on how many quality games to actually have at launch for a console? 67 games were released in cartridge format, with a very limited number actually being exclusive, and a limited number of those being worth playing.

So, sure, you can claim to have horsepower, but that’s not all games need…

Playstation 3 Commercial Haunts My Nightmares

OH NO! What is going on here with some of these video game commercials? Who even thought this was a good idea to begin with?

Yoshi’s Island Gross Out Commercial

The 90s were all about puking for some reason. I don’t know why, but it seemed like the worst movies, TV shows, and commercials… had people vomiting everywhere. It made no sense to me then, it makes even less sense to me now. Let me just say, for a great game like Yoshi’s Island, this was an awful commercial. All that is left to say is…

Strange but Genius Playstation Commercial

While this has absolutely nothing to do with Playstation 2 in any way shape or form, this is a modern day Monty Python level of absurdness. It is kind of genius. Good work Sony!

Ess Sooo Reeeeeahhhlll…

Man, you see, this is why until about 3 years ago the Cubs weren’t doing so well. I mean look at this, their star players kept trying to play in video games instead claiming that it was real to them dammit. Yeah, that game also did not age well at all.

Sega CD Commercial with Discount Ice Cube

Sega really went all out on marketing the Sega CD, didn’t they. Instead of getting the actual Ice Cube, they got his non-union, Mexican equivalent.

Scene from The Simpsons for those too young to understand the reference:

Holy Hell

Seriously, what…is…happening? Who thought this was a good idea? This is some straight outta Five Nights at Freddy’s level of creepiness, only its advertising games like Duck Hunt. What the hell?!

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