8 Pieces of Bizarre Wrestling Merchandise That Are Stuff of Nightmares

I’m a big wrestling fan. Over the years in its waxing and waning popularity, there has been a lot of wrestling merchandise. Some of them are classics like the old Austin 3:16 shirts or Ric Flair DVD Box Sets. Then you get to some that are just so random in nature. Like why would you ever want this.

What were they thinking?

Bret Hart Halloween Mask

Technically this would guarantee that you had a really scary costume for Halloween. Geez.

WCW Gross Out Figures…Sting…

Why did they turn Sting into shrunken head guy from Beetlejuice?

WCW Vader Hero Head

It is one of the most intimidating monsters in wrestling history, Vader, now with 100% more derp face.

Sable Beanie Bear

A Beanie Bear modeled after Sable, with hand prints on her boobies. I do NOT want to know what lonely people are doing to that bear.

Remember this tacky moment in wrestling history?

Stone Cold Steve Austin Condoms

This is a strange piece of merchandise, but at least he is encouraging users to ask for consent. Just say “If you want some, gimme a hell yeah!”

And that is the bottom line…

D-Generation X Yamaka

Imagine getting this at your bar mitzvah and becoming a man by telling everyone you got two words for them… “Oy vey!”

This Sweet Ass WCW Monday Nitro Denim Jacket

Why does Arn Anderson get this sweet piece of wrestling merchandise and I don’t? I want to wear this sweet sweet denim jacket to a WCW Monday Nitro party. I’d drink brewskies while watching Cruiserweights and the nWo with Lee Marshall. Then I’ll talk to him about his years I’m guessing he did in 1970s porn with that awesome mustache. Gotta take that bad boy for a spin.

Naked Bill Goldberg Santa Figure

Okay, why would you want naked Bill Goldberg dressed in a Santa hat with a sack? Don’t fight it man, just drink it in!

Although this is probably what lead to Bill Goldberg going nuts as Santa in the movie Santa’s Slay… an actual movie that was made for money.

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